Have you ever used any of the services offered by your local K-State extension office?

August 5, 2010

Photo of Janet Crouch

Janet Crouch (Delaware Ridge Elementary PTO president in ) says...

“I have not had an opportunity to use any extension services. But I would be open to checking them out in the future.”

Photo of John Robison

John Robison (Owner of Roving Imp Theater and Coffee House in ) says...

“I’ve never done anything with the K-State extension office, and I’m not sure what services they have. Sounds like I’m a prime candidate for some targeted marketing.”

Photo of Pat Jeannin

Pat Jeannin (Assistant vice president of Union Equipment Finance LLC in ) says...

“I was active in 4-H as a young person and I was active in the Dairy Herd Improvement Association after my college years as well. Both of those organizations were administered by the local KSU Extension office.”


weyland 8 years, 7 months ago on Have you ever used any of the services offered by your local K-State extension office?

I went to the local K-State extension office with 2 questions. Their were 4 people "working" there. Well, two of them were joking about what happened last week. The other two were talking on their cell phones. When I finally get the attention of one of them and ask my question, they all stop talking and stare at me. The woman answers my question by saying she does not know. I ask if anyone else would know. They all look at me like I just steeped off a flying saucer. Finally, one of them says X would know.

"Well, then, can I ask X?" "X is not here." "Where is X?" "X is at a seminar."

I ask my other question and again the answer is

"X would know that." "But X is not here." "Right." "So no one here knows anything about either of my questions."

They concur. One of them helpfully gets my phone number so X can call me back with the answers. They go back to their discussions and cell phones

X never calls me back, (unless she waits 6 months to return calls).

Four paid dummies, a fifth at a taxpayer-funded "seminar." This is a total waste of money by mostly taxpayer-funded K-State. Perhaps the foghorn poohbahs in Topeka would lose the rationale to continually raise taxes if programs like this were eliminated.


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