Do you think Kansas should have a primary seat belt law?

February 25, 2010

Photo of Bailey Nairn

Bailey Nairn (Bonner Springs High School senior class president in ) says...

Yes, I think Kansas should have a primary seat belt law. It's not difficult to get into the practice of wearing your seat belt, and it can save a life.

Photo of Anthony Corporon

Anthony Corporon (Lawyer with Perry and Trent LLC in ) says...

Regardless of whether failure to wear a seat belt is a primary violation, I think it is important for everyone to wear one while riding in a vehicle.

Photo of Mike Wiley

Mike Wiley (Basehor-Linwood Middle School principal in ) says...

I do. I believe that they save lives. It has been such a habit for me for so many years that now, I really only think about it when I see kids not wearing theirs.


Jason Bailey 8 years, 1 month ago on Do you think Kansas should have a primary seat belt law?

How is it the government's responsibility to force me to wear a seatbelt? Do they force me to eat green vegetables? Do they force me to drink 5 glasses of water per day? Do they force me to go to the doctor once a year for a physical?

This is government control of my life and the erosion of liberty...one freedom of choice at a time. If I wish to drive without a seatbelt, that is my choice not Big Brother's responsibility to bring down the hammer.

There is no doubt that wearing a seatbelt saves lives but it is a person's choice to do that or not.


nalexks 8 years, 1 month ago on Do you think Kansas should have a primary seat belt law?

Lets, go little further! Lets government to regulate car makers, so the car will not start without fastening the seat belt! That saves lives! Since highways are the federal property, let’s ban smoking in your car while driving on federal property! That saves lives! Completely forgot about cell phones. Let’s regulate the cell and car companies so that when you try to make a call while driving your car, chip of your car blocks your cell phone and also records illegal activity (making a phone call while driving) to the car onboard computer. Then every year when passing vehicle inspection, this data is being read from your car computer and you pay fines! This I think would save people lives! Passing state wide law about seat belts is the same as giving government one more reason to pull your over and extort your money. Saving my live is my responsibility, and as soon as I do not jeopardize other people lives, should not be the government business.


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