What do you think of Gov. Mark Parkinson's proposed tax increases?

January 21, 2010

Photo of Dustin Care

Dustin Care (Recreation coordinator for the Bonner Springs Parks and Recreation Department in ) says...

“I disagree with his proposal because you cannot tax yourself out of a recession. When over half of his own government party is opposed to this, he needs another idea to help the state, and this doesn’t mean cut more education funding like he’s already done.”

Photo of Christi Diggs

Christi Diggs (Basehor Aflac representative in ) says...

“I’m also not a fan of ‘our expenses have gone up, let’s raise taxes’ government. A business couldn’t operate that way and be successful. How can our state government? Let’s try looking at how we’re spending our money in the first place.”

Photo of Crystal Swann Blackdeer

Crystal Swann Blackdeer (Leavenworth County Humane Society director in ) says...

“A modest sales tax increase would be better for Kansans than additional cuts in education and other programs. Increasing the tax on tobacco makes those with the habit contribute to the care they require, often subsidized by Medicaid/Medicare.”


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