Earth Day was Sunday. What do you do to be "green"?

April 25, 2012

Photo of Jeri Cochran

Jeri Cochran (Director of Bonner Springs Head Start in Bonner Springs) says...

“I recycle paper at work and aluminum at home. I know I should do more.”

Photo of Amy Schaffer

Amy Schaffer (Teen services librarian at Basehor Community Library in Basehor) says...

“I try to do things like conserve water, not litter and recycle when I can. I may not be very green, but I try not to be so bad.”

Photo of Grant Moyer

Grant Moyer (Senior at Basehor-Linwood High School in Basehor) says...

“I really don’t try to be green. I believe that global warming isn’t anything special, and it’s just a cycle... So I don’t think there’s a huge need to be ‘green.’”


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