Are you going to vote in next week’s primary election? Why or why not?

August 1, 2012

Photo of Ron Grover

Ron Grover ( in Basehor area) says...

I will not be voting in next week’s primary election. First of all, the primary election coincides with my vacation, and I will be out of town on Aug. 7. Secondly, I am a registered Democrat, and there is only one contested primary race for me.

Photo of Brad Stephens

Brad Stephens ( in Bonner Springs) says...

I will definitely be voting in the next election! Too many men and young people have died in order to give me the opportunity to do so!

Photo of Michelle Sexton

Michelle Sexton ( in Basehor) says...

Yes, I will be voting. It is our right and a privilege to do so. If I do not vote, then I feel that I shouldn’t complain about those voted in or matters voted on, since I didn’t participate.


JimWashington 10 years, 10 months ago on Are you going to vote in next week’s primary election? Why or why not?

I've already cast my ballot. If you didn't vote in the Basehor recall this will be your first election which requires a picture ID to vote - remember to bring it along - to protect your vote. Kansas does an awful lot to assure access to the vote. You can vote by mail or in person at the County Clerks office for almost three weeks before election day - and the County Clerk has provided early sattelite voting sessions at the Basehor and Tonganoxie Libraries this last week. Voting is both a privilege and a responsibility - if you don't vote, don't complain. That was probably best summed up by the philosopher Plato who said, "those who do not particpate in political life are doomed to be ruled by lesser men."


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