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'Drac's Back!'

Bonner Springs High School's production of "Drac's Back!" will be tonight, April 14, and Friday, April 15.

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Dracula (Zach Scharpe) and his wife, Trixie (Katie Ellingsworth), hatch a plan to get Dracula's ...

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Det. Betty Stark (Brenna Hoch), at left, and officer Lily White (Ciera Sweeney), at middle, ...

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Dr. Bloodstone (Micaela Reed), at left, and her assistant, Renfield (Dustin Gilbert), pose as maids ...

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Drac's sisters: Bella (Samee Sprenkle) and Della (Kaylie Holloway)

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Zach Reed plays Troy, one of the students whose van ran out of gasoline in ...


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