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'Q' and 'U' marry at Glenwood Ridge Elementary

To celebrate the union of the letters "Q" and "U," and to coincide with Great Britain's royal wedding held a few hours earlier, Glenwood Ridge Elementary School kindergartners had a wedding ceremony Friday morning.

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Allison Budimlija reads from "The Exquisite Wedding of Q and U" by Kathleen Pederson Friday ...

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Glenwood Ridge kindergartner Chloe Siefkas, portraying Queen "Q," prepares to walk down the aisle. Students ...

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The letters Q and U "kiss" to mark their union Friday morning in Allison Budimlija's ...

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Glenwood Ridge Elementary School kindergarten teacher Allison Budimlija announces "Q" and "U" (Chloe Siefkas and ...

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Allison Budimlija's kindergarten students at Glenwood Ridge pose in their queen and quarterback attire, worn ...


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