Who will you vote for?

Response Percent Votes
Mitt Romney
48% 41
Barack Obama
46% 39
Gary Johnson
3% 3
Chuck Baldwin
1% 1
Total 84


Bob_Busk 6 years, 8 months ago

I'll vote for STEVE FITZGERALD too. The guy is awesome, retired Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel, Purple Heart, Army Ranger, Airborne, Retired and started his own business. Worked as a leadership consultant for the Army after 9/11. Steve is a selfless man ready to serve this nation and our community.

Kelly Kultala is a career bureaucrat, lobbyist for special interest groups, past president of the Kansas NOW, supports radical groups like “Code Pink” and Coalition of progressives, strong proponent of taxing the middle class, protégé of one of the most radical liberal politicians Kansas has ever launched into Washington D.C., Kathleen Sebelius, long and ugly history of intimidating those who do not support her political aspirations, claims of improving the county by voting for every tax increase passed in the last 4 years, promises to increase property taxes in WYCO. Her radical left wing agenda is not what we want in Kansas. Was unemployed and lobbied for a job with Piper School district as the "communications director" (Public relations?). That's tax payer money not being used in the classroom.


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