Will you be advance voting?

Response Percent Votes
68% 32
31% 15
Total 47


Bob_Busk 6 years, 8 months ago

I voted for Steve Fitzgerald, can't wait to get rid of Kelly Kultala! She was the worst Senator ever!!!


Bob_Busk 6 years, 8 months ago

Kultala has a dubious reputation regarding campaign tactics so her recent mailers and robocalls are a new low even for her. On his blog her opponent sets the record straight. This time she is lying about the record of a decorated war hero. Steve was a Special Forces officer, wounded and awarded the bronze star, he's an expert in leadership. I am so ashamed of Kelly Kultala and find her brand of Sebelius politics disgusting.

The following was provided by her opponent who is setting the record straight.

THIS IS WRONG – AND A LIE I call on my opponent to repudiate the blatant lies in mailers and robo-calls stating that as treasurer of the Republican Party of Kansas I was investigated for mishandling funds. THIS IS WRONG – AND A LIE. The Chair of the Republican Party of Kansas has issued a press release denouncing these lies. When I took over as treasurer, I discovered problems with party records and reports which I reported fully and publicly to the party conventio n. Working with the rest of the party leadership, I helped put in place procedures that restored confidence in the party’s records and reports and helped to move the party from a deficit to a positive balance when I ended my elected term. My efforts were complimented by the Federal Election Commission after they audited our records.

In short, there was never even an allegation of mishandling of funds by anyone and certainly not by me. There was an audit resulting from very poor record keeping and reporting by a previous administration and I was instrumental in correcting the problem which had completely occurred before I took office.

The continued attempts of my opponent’s camp to misinform the voting public and to besmirch my character are not helpful to the democratic process and I ask her to renounce these dirty tactics. ~Steve Fitzgerald

We need leadership in Topeka, we need Steve Fitzgerald.


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