Adrienne Newell

Adrienne recently graduated from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, where she studied in Chicago and reported for in D.C. Now she lives in Kansas and reports on the happenings of Lansing, KS, finding local news much more sensible than technology legislation.

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New Decisions program helps LHS students achieve success
March 10, 2005
For students who need additional academic and emotional support, there’s a place at Lansing High School that can provide it. The New Decisions program is in its third year at the high school and has had a positive effect on its participants, said Mary Alice Schroeger, a program coordinator and LHS teacher.
History of museum chronicled as it reopens
February 24, 2005
The Lansing Historical Museum reopens from its winter hiatus Saturday, making this year the museum’s seventh.
Lansing Historical Society at a glance
February 18, 2005
Facts about the Lansing Historical Society
Prison delivers bicycles for use in Iraq
Program also teams with Guard wings in Wichita, Topeka
February 17, 2005
Lansing’s homegrown bike giveaway program has gone international.
Board OKs curriculum changes
February 17, 2005
Lansing School Board approved curriculum changes at the high school and renewed administrator contracts at its meeting Tuesday.
Stepping out in faith’ puts new resident in business
February 17, 2005
In September, David Escobar moved from Las Vegas to Lansing. By October he had quit his job with Osco Drug in Kansas City. And by early January, he had completely changed his life.
Father’s return from Iraq celebrated
February 10, 2005
On Jan. 21, Maj. Drew Brickson returned home to Lansing from a four-month stint in Iraq. That evening he celebrated a belated Christmas with his sons, Benjamin, a first-grader at Lansing Elementary School, and Joseph, a preschooler, and his wife, Jodie.
Lessons in love
February 10, 2005
A year after she’d graduated, Lansing High School alumna Missy Runnebaum returned to LHS to watch her younger brother play basketball : and ended up watching the new coach instead. That Valentine’s Day, she and the coach went on their first date.
Snow causes wrecks, cancels school
February 10, 2005
There was no school for Lansing students Wednesday, but the worst of the weather system hit Tuesday afternoon just as school was getting out, city officials said.
Inmates’ rehabilitation includes daily jobs in city departments
12:00 a.m., February 10, 2005 Updated 10:43 a.m.
The words “correctional facility” don’t have many mainstream positive associations. In Lansing, the situation is different. The correctional facility is a cornerstone of the local economy, but it also serves as a source of community service and savings.

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Bernd Ingram and Ali Zeck

Members of the Lansing High School band, shown here on Veterans Day, hope to perform in March in Dallas at the Festival of Music competition.

The award-winning light display on Rock Creek Drive.

Michael Heuer, Lansing police officer, patrols the newly annexed area.

Lisa Madsen

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