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Nick Krug is a photographer for the Lawrence Journal-World

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Paleontologist David Burnham of the University of Kansas holds a cast of a fossil from a section of a hadrosaur backbone, which has a T-Rex tooth embedded within it. The fossil was found in the Hell Creek formation in South Dakota by a student of Burnham's. Burnham and others at the KU Biodiversity Institute have found what they believe is conclusive proof that the Tyrannosaurus rex was indeed a predator and not just a scavenger.

Mark and Pam Thomeczek of Marshall, Mo., sample wine in the tasting room at BlueJacket Crossing Vineyard and Winery outside Eudora. BlueJacket Crossing, a designated Kansas agritourism site, sells more wine by being able to offer a farm experience to go with it, owner Pep Selvan-Solberg says.

Eudora's BlueJacket Crossing Vineyard and Winery is among Kansas wineries expected to be pouring at the Winesong at Riverfest wine tasting event in De Soto. BlueJacket Crossing 's 2009 vintage of the Off-Dry Vignoles was a gold medal winner at the Finger Lake's International Wine Competition.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback delivers the State of the State address last week in the House chamber of the Kansas Statehouse. Brownback has released a new, $10 million plan to help the mentally ill in Kansas.

In addition to the traditional whole milk, another favorite among many locals is Iwig's strawberry milk.

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