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Horses pulling up lame at auction

This is about people wish to make money at the expense of horses. Well bred and well trained horses with papers are still selling for top dollar. These horses do not turn up at slaughter auctions. Thousands of horses continue to cross the borders (Canadian and Mexican) to be slaughtered. Closing American "horse slaughter plants" has nothing to do with the horse market. In fact, the New Holland, PA and Sugarhill, Ohio auctions continue, as before. If there is a change, it is that horses are going for higher prices than they did prior to the shuttering of the slaughter houses.

Back yard breeders have run amuck. They keep their mares bred and they cry for the reopening of slaughter houses. It is about being able to make a dollar at the expense of a horse. HOW ABOUT GETTING A JOB?! The horsepeople I know work to be able to support their horses and to take good care.

Anyone who is not familiar with horses or the nightmare places from hell where horses were slaughtered in this country should educate himself/herself. No person with an ounce of humanity, integrity or knowledge of horses could put their stamp of approval on this! Horse slaughter, as Hettinger wrote, "caters to the lowest common denominator in society".

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