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Who will you vote for?

I'll vote for STEVE FITZGERALD too. The guy is awesome, retired Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel, Purple Heart, Army Ranger, Airborne, Retired and started his own business. Worked as a leadership consultant for the Army after 9/11. Steve is a selfless man ready to serve this nation and our community.

Kelly Kultala is a career bureaucrat, lobbyist for special interest groups, past president of the Kansas NOW, supports radical groups like “Code Pink” and Coalition of progressives, strong proponent of taxing the middle class, protégé of one of the most radical liberal politicians Kansas has ever launched into Washington D.C., Kathleen Sebelius, long and ugly history of intimidating those who do not support her political aspirations, claims of improving the county by voting for every tax increase passed in the last 4 years, promises to increase property taxes in WYCO. Her radical left wing agenda is not what we want in Kansas. Was unemployed and lobbied for a job with Piper School district as the "communications director" (Public relations?). That's tax payer money not being used in the classroom.

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Will you be advance voting?

Kultala has a dubious reputation regarding campaign tactics so her recent mailers and robocalls are a new low even for her. On his blog her opponent sets the record straight. This time she is lying about the record of a decorated war hero. Steve was a Special Forces officer, wounded and awarded the bronze star, he's an expert in leadership. I am so ashamed of Kelly Kultala and find her brand of Sebelius politics disgusting.

The following was provided by her opponent who is setting the record straight.

THIS IS WRONG – AND A LIE I call on my opponent to repudiate the blatant lies in mailers and robo-calls stating that as treasurer of the Republican Party of Kansas I was investigated for mishandling funds. THIS IS WRONG – AND A LIE. The Chair of the Republican Party of Kansas has issued a press release denouncing these lies. When I took over as treasurer, I discovered problems with party records and reports which I reported fully and publicly to the party conventio n. Working with the rest of the party leadership, I helped put in place procedures that restored confidence in the party’s records and reports and helped to move the party from a deficit to a positive balance when I ended my elected term. My efforts were complimented by the Federal Election Commission after they audited our records.

In short, there was never even an allegation of mishandling of funds by anyone and certainly not by me. There was an audit resulting from very poor record keeping and reporting by a previous administration and I was instrumental in correcting the problem which had completely occurred before I took office.

The continued attempts of my opponent’s camp to misinform the voting public and to besmirch my character are not helpful to the democratic process and I ask her to renounce these dirty tactics. ~Steve Fitzgerald

We need leadership in Topeka, we need Steve Fitzgerald.

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Will you be advance voting?

I voted for Steve Fitzgerald, can't wait to get rid of Kelly Kultala! She was the worst Senator ever!!!

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Local candidate's comments on Democrats, Catholics covered in national media

Mr. Fitzgerald is right on target. He is honest in his personal life which transcends to his political dealings. Finally we have a candidate that is living what he says. On the other spectrum Kultala claims to be a Catholic but she won't post it on her web page or facebook page under "religious affiliation". She doesn't support the core beliefs of her faith and yet remains associated with that denomination for political convenience. That is dishonest of her and very telling of her as a person of low moral character. She supports murder of the unborn, her party supports euthanasia, she supports same sex marriage against the Word of God, she supports a party that at their national convention rejected God three times. THREE TIMES on national TV they booed God and she is a leader in that party. She is a liar and has no business representing anyone. If you are a catholic, God will know how you vote, you will answer to him some day. Your conscience will be clear if you vote for a Godly candidate.

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Will you attend any local political forums before the election?

Yes, I am hoping to attend a forum featuring both Ks 5th District Senate candidates. I already know who I'm voting for, I want to ask Kultala why I have to pay $8,000 more in taxes next year because of her party and her mentor's Obamacare burdens. I want to know why her party under her mentor saddled us with a 10 billion dollar obligation to KPERS. I am furious with what Sebilius did to this state. Kultala should be able to answer for her mentor, they're both in the same far left group.

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Brownback favors Leavenworth County being its own Kansas Senate district, chief of staff says

We need local representation for Leavenworth County. We're split in two and both senators reside outside the county. Kultala has never been to a County commission meeting, leavenworth city meeting, lansing city meeting, school board meeting and could really care less about Leavenworth. She lost leavenworth in the last election and is paying us back with little or no involvement here. She ran for Lt. Governor and campaigned for a year, nothing done for us. We've been left to fend for ourselves while she has been advocating for Wyandotte county. The other side of Leavenworth county is represented in the senate by Tom Holland, another one AWOL from our county, city, school meetings, campaigned for Governor, and spent almost NO time in our county.

Send the governor an email or call him and tell him you want local representation. I don't care if it is democrat, republican or moonbat, we need someone that is involved and wants to represent us in the Senate.

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State Sen. Holland visiting Basehor Community Library

Senator Holland? Is he our state senator? That's right, he's from Baldwin and doesn't visit us...ever. Please write or email our governor and ask him to redistrict our senate representation so Leavenworth has its own senator. Quit splitting us up between Douglas and Wyandotte county senators.

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Candidate accused of 'voter intimidation'

Kultalah clearly admits to making the phone call. The phone call is recorded, the reporter quoted Kultallah, who admits to making the call and saying:

“…We’ve spent a lot of money at your business and we will not be coming there any longer as long as you still support…”

She is running for a state office, she has held a unified government position, and she is currently in an appointed position in the County government and she doesn't think this is wrong?

Quoted by the reporter Kultala said, “At no time have I ever made threatening remarks to Mr. Jones, or any other business owner. Any such accusation is completely fabricated.”

Really? What is threatening not do business anymore if the sign isn't removed? That is a threat, and from an appointed government official running for office!! She is lying about this, she admitted to the call, it is recorded and the reporter has quoted the recording. She didn't say “I” she said “we” which implies the local government in my opinion.

The Governors hand picked sock puppet just screwed this up. It is like shooting fish in a barrel. Come on Jesse Truesdale, you need to get to the bottom of this. She admitted it, a good reporter would do a little research, find out what laws she may have broken and get in touch with the ethics committee.

Sounds like she is playing dirty politics, intimidation is the exact word I'd choose. There used to be a day when reporters sniffed out a story like this and would run with it. I guess they do that only 50% of the time now and only if the party republican is marked on the checklist?.

Bob Busk

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Democrats' new day

Good article. Kathy Kultala does not represent the views of the 5th District. Senator Mark Gilstrap represents them often. Steve Fitzgerald (R) candidate is our best choice. Fitzgerald is Pro-Kansas, Pro-Wyandotte, and Pro-Leavenworth.

Kultala is pro-sebilius, pro-tiller, and pro-taxes. She is endorsed by the National Education Association (NEA) and has a liberal agenda to destroy Kansas values. The NEA strongly endorses gay marriage. The voters of Kansas passed a constitutional amendment 70% to 30% to protect the traditional institution of marriage. She wants to reverse the will of the people. Does this sound like a candidate that will vote for Wyandotte and Leavenworths interests? She will not!

Over 70% of Kansans supported the Holcombe energy plant, Senator Gilstrap voted for it. Will Kultala vote for what her liberal elitist boss (Sebilius) wants? Of course she will. She is one and the same, a liberal elitist. She was a political lobbyist for Johnson County Liberals, she has one agenda, to further the liberal agenda in Kansas.

As a Wyandotte County Commissioner she was antagonistic with labor. Labor didn't like her.

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Gilstrap denied governor's endorsement

Gilstrap will do better without their endorsement. For me it proves that Cultallah is another liberal elitist. She's an elitist from Piper that worked in Johnson County as a lobbyist for other liberal elitists. We saw what that got us, more taxes and more spending. She wasn't popular with the unions in Wyandotte County when she was a commissioner because she spent funds on frivilous things and ignored the needs of county employees. The Republican candidate (Fitzgerald) is pro labor. I wonder why labor is loyal to democrats but democrats treat them like dirt. Mark didn't get the endorsements because he voted the way he always votes, pro-life. Hensley knew that in 2004, I guess Tiller just won't tolerate a pro-life democrat.

The Republican candidate is pro-family. Something 70% of Kansans are for. Sebilius is against family as is Kelly Cultallah as revealed in the gay marriage vote a couple of years ago. Sebilius and Kelly Cultallah want Kansas to be San Francisco. Fancy wine and snobbish parties.

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