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Basehor City Council eyeing pay bump for employees

Dennis, most of the time I simply ignore the comments posted in the paper because they are that, people's comments. However, your most recent post was such a blatant misrepresentation of my gross salary I felt the need to give you the accurate information with hopes that if your going to criticize me publicly you would at least do it accurately. For the record, which is public information, as you know, my 2011 W-2 shows my reportable wages to the IRS to be 65,347.71 and let's not forget that included 2,600.00 dollars for my responsibilities as the assistant city administrator which includes all of the cities payroll responsibilities and included three months of minimal pay for my duties as the interim city administrator after the former city administrator was terminated. For future reference if your going to try and trash my reputation publicly, please do so accurately.

On another note, you know without a doubt, no one would ever get a 62.4% increase. In fact, most of the recommended increases are between 4 and 8 percent.

Again, accurate criticism would be appreciated especially when my gross salary was based from the accumulation of three different jobs/responsibilities and is way less than 100k. It would be appreciated if you would actually state the facts as they are when posting comments for the public to read and judge.

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