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Do you think Sam Brownback will make a good Governor?

So your answer is year round school? I think that's a great idea but how would you pay for it? I don't believe our state is ready for that step but I do agree it would make a huge difference in student performance.

Teachers today are doing more with students than they ever have. Expectations have been raised astronomically and most are stepping up to the plate. You seem to lose sight of the fact that these teachers and their unions you rail on are responsible for teaching ALL students. I dare you to step into a classroom today and see if you could handle what many teachers experience on a daily basis. Not oblivious at all!

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Do you think Sam Brownback will make a good Governor?

I agree Christine. Unlike Jason2007 I don't believe the system is broke. Could improvements be made? Absolutely but I know several school districts that do an outstanding job of preparing their students for career or college. Let's hope Brownback puts some distance between himself and the Owen Donohoe's in our state legislature!

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Canceled meeting puts council dispute on display

I'm curious as to why a Council member would take it upon themselves to check vendor reports? Is that not the responsibility of the City Administrator? This action, coupled with the rejection of the Mayor's appointment, tends for one to believe the Council is micromanaging. We have a Mayor and City Administrator, let them perform their jobs.

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The year's top stories

To basehorlady:

According to the school, the wellness center is still on track and should be completed by the next school year. I read this on the school website at!

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Council debates city employee raises

8% sounds a little steep to me.

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Board joins fight for funds

I'm glad to see the district joined Schools for Fair Funding. If the legislature won't fund education appropriately then maybe the court will hold them accountable.

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Glenwood sewer decision reached

Sorry, Jason 2007. I have a letter from KDHE that states the lagoon was over capacity without the school being connected. Please get your facts straight before posting!

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District looking into future

IEP_Lawyer- I don't believe schools have to bid anything under $20,000. They also do not have to bid out 'services', which is what the contracted cleaning would fall under, unless things have changed recently.

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