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Teachers tackle holiday issues

Jehovah's Witnesses reject all holidays even benign Mother's day,exception being the Lord's evening meal also called the Last Supper or Good Friday.

WHY-Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t do Thanksgiving,and other holidays.
I was born Jehovah’s Witness 1957 3rd generation,we didn’t celebrate Christmas.
The reason JW’s don’t do Christmas is because their Watchtower leaders say so,the holiday has pagan aspects to it and by rejecting it the Watchtower appears “pure”.
This “demand for purity” is one of the 8 marks of a cult.NOW the Watchtower can use this purity diversion to distract from their own false dogmas.

The Watchtower leaders want us to be 'different' for the sake of being different.Jehovah's Witnesses are not 'happier' and are just as dysfunctional as families who do holidays.
Jesus was not born on Dec 25th,but he also did not have his second coming in the month of October 1914,which is the core doctrine of the Watchtower religion.
Danny Haszard

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