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Film a thing of the past

....the Analog Photography Users Group is actually

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Film a thing of the past

What is the point of your article? There are still many thousands of people in this world who love film photography and do not think of it simply as a "daily task", as you put it. There are several websites and forums dedicated to just film. For instance , take a look at a website called the Analog Photography Users Group ( where there are over 50,000 members from all over the world. Check it out and look at the work these photographers are doing. It's their passion. If they saw your article (and they will) they would wonder why this article was written.

Also, you're doing a disservice to people who have not yet discovered film. Many young people look at film as an alternative art form (which also means it's a cool thing to do). :)

Digital cameras in their various forms are great tools and fun toys. But so are film cameras. Don't disrespect one for the other. An article that helps both sides would be more constructive. Instead it seems as if you're trying to bury film....for no good reason.

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