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District looking into future

Shouldn't they have to bid this cleaning contract to see if other companies can provide the service. Doesn't the law require anything over $5,000 must be bid. At least do an RFP process.

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Council to consider tax rebate program

Property tax rebate Program!! What a joke. Give me a tax rebate...I've been here for over 10 years. Those developers need to pay taxes just like everyone else.

The only thing this program will do is shift the required taxes from the developers to existing property owners. I can't believe the school district would be in favor of this plan. The tax levy on their Bond & Interest fund and their Capital Outlay funds will raise even higher as a result. They need to go back and look at their initial levy estimates on their tax levy. My guess is the tax levy will be much higher then they told us.

Say NO to the developers and special interest!!

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