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Basehor officer still on duty after DUI arrest

Thanks, armystrong: I gave up having anything to do with Basehor politics after the recall. When 400 low information voters who had never previously voted in a Basehor City election turned out to vote against council members who were trying to unearth the ongoing corruption which has been a feature of Basehor politics for decades, I realized that there was no fixing stupid.

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Mayoral forum gets heated

Well stated. If you want to do something with your effort I can provide you wit the names of the almost 400 people who had not voted in a city election (going back to 203) before. They carried the election and owe it to the city to actually get involved now.

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Mayoral forum gets heated

johninbasehor: I see you're back with all your nastiness. Leave me out of this.

Maybe sometime down the road the 400 people whose only city election vote came in the recall election will actually wake up and concern themselves with city business and things will get better - as Mr_CorruptionMonkey makes the point below.

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ELECTION CENTRAL: 2012 General Election

John is right there is a typo here. The amendment lost in Leavenworth County 14191 NO to 12148 YES. However, it passed statewide by over 70,000 votes. Kansas needs to do something about ballot language - that issue was a lot of words just to say we wanted to allow the legislature to reduce the personal property tax rate on pleasure boats.

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The price of loyalty: Setting wages a balancing act for area cities

This is an outstanding well researched and written piece by our outgoing city reporter, Matt. We're going to miss him. Not to let him get away scot free, there is one thing in the math of average wages city to city that should be but may not be possible to get in the calculation. Since all of the cities have some sort of increase system that considers longevity - to really do a fair comparison you have to control for average tenure of the members of the police force. If people move on before they have a fair number of years of service, the average wage of that department will be less even though their scale may be overall substantially higher.

In that case further analysis of the causes for turnover need for focus well beyond wages.

Matt you're a very good writer, Godspeed!!

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Basehor City Council special meeting and work session agenda: Aug. 6

Sorry to disappoint you. I post under my own name . Perhaps you should do the same.

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Are you going to vote in next week’s primary election? Why or why not?

I've already cast my ballot. If you didn't vote in the Basehor recall this will be your first election which requires a picture ID to vote - remember to bring it along - to protect your vote. Kansas does an awful lot to assure access to the vote. You can vote by mail or in person at the County Clerks office for almost three weeks before election day - and the County Clerk has provided early sattelite voting sessions at the Basehor and Tonganoxie Libraries this last week. Voting is both a privilege and a responsibility - if you don't vote, don't complain. That was probably best summed up by the philosopher Plato who said, "those who do not particpate in political life are doomed to be ruled by lesser men."

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Basehor City Council gives employees pay bump

Mr. Healy and his fellow governing body members have the best intentions but they will not be in office forever. By putting in a system which has the potential to be abused, they have guaranteed that at some point it will be abused. That's just a political and historical fact of life.

Does any thinking person believe that the cities around the country filing bankruptcy got that way overnight? No, every one of them started with the best intentions. Can Basehor KS become Bell CA? Maybe not next year or the year after but, in time, yes it can, unless the people of this city have the intelligence, involvement, and comittment to continually demand accountability of the governing body and the staff.

There were over 900 people who voted in the recall election. By that vote you obligated yourself to be informed and remain involved. This particularly applies to the more than 300 voters who had not previously voted in a city election. Where are you now?

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Do you think Kansas Highway 7 from Leavenworth to Olathe should be a freeway with no traffic lights?

The decision to make K-7 a limited access highway is already a done deal in the K-7 corridor plan. It may be 20 years before it is completed but the end result will be a freeway all the way from Gardner to Atchison.

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Tonganoxie postmaster: Office not closing

Look at the calendar - it's a Presidential Election Year - there ain't gonna be no Post Offices closed this year. That's your political science lesson for today.

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