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Basehor taking applications for empty City Council seats

Sergeant Brown:

Suggest you drop your app in the hopper. Your posts have shown an appreciation of the issues and a willingness to think.

As you look to the future of city government, I would ecourage you to go very slowly on your advocacy of Commission Manager form of government. Over the years I have seen that the proportion of Commission Manager governments having dysfunction and chaos is disproportionate to their percent of all municipal governments.

One of the things Mayor Council governments with a city administrator constantly contend with is the push from administrators to move to Commission Manager. The reason they do so is to enhace their power, because the major difference between the two forms is where the executive power lies. In Comm Mgr it lies with the administrator and, since he is not accountable to the electorate, that form of government is by its very nature more autocratic than mayor council administrator.

Over the months I've watched these blogs and seen several posters wanting a different form of government - and sounding very much like they prefer something more authoritarian. That scares me - not so much at this level but just the idea that such an attitude is probably how those folks look at the state and Federal level as well.

The answer is not a change in form of government - the answer is a substantial percentage of the electorate keeping current and involved with what is happening with our government at the city, county, state, and nation level. Let's see how many of the 906 people(1/3 of eligible voters) who voted in the recall pay the least bit of attention going forward. I'm willing to bet that less than 2/3 show up to vote in the election a year from now.

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It's over: Box's resignation ends council standoff, leaves Basehor with 2 elected officials

A Man of Principle:


I know you wanted to be mayor someplace down the road so your resignation is a hugely principled stand that doesn't happen very often in politics at any level. You have my complete admiration for your unquestioned honor. DUTY HONOR COUNTRY are more than words for you.

This city owes you for your courage.

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Brownback favors Leavenworth County being its own Kansas Senate district, chief of staff says

There are hearings in both the Senate and House tomorrow at noon. The House hearings are in the old Supreme Court Chambers and the Senate hearings are in 159-S.

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Developer scraps request for support of low-income apartments in Basehor

In addition to Pebblebrook there is Hickory Villas - I am in favor of Country Place Living - I am opposed to treating the developer differently than Bonee was treated - and opposed to any connection fee breaks because of the debt for the Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion.

Re the vote several years ago - hopefully as we experience things and get more information we make better decisions. After having completed four years on council and reflection on that experience, there are a handful of votes that I would make differently. That's one of them.

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Letter: Water rate increase too big

Update: The KCC held the public hearing at the Basehor Public Library on Tuesday the 21st of February.
The folks who fought the last rate increase felt that the work we did in 2007 was futile, however, based on the tenor of the hearing, it appears that some of what we did was seed dropped on fertile ground.

The KCC counsel Judy Jenkins in her opening presentation came within a hair’s breadth of branding them a criminal enterprise, and Nikki Christopher, CURB counsel, was every bit as condemning in her opening statement.

It appears that the KCC has been on to them for some time building from our push in 07-08. Please look at the final ruling from the rate increase application that Suburban tried last year. Of particular interest is Section F, paragraph 53 and forward.

You can find the ruling at

Click on "Show all documents" and open the "Order on Application" dated June 3, 2011.

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Letter: Water rate increase too big

Hey What's your comment have to do with water rate increases?

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Brownback favors Leavenworth County being its own Kansas Senate district, chief of staff says

I have to say that Holland has been responsive recently in the Suburban rate increase issue.

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Brownback favors Leavenworth County being its own Kansas Senate district, chief of staff says

Leavenworth County is the only one of the 10 largest counties in the state which doesn't have a dedicated state senator. The redistricting process has been going on since early last year when the within state 2010 US Census results were published.

In Kansas redistricting is handled by bi-partisan committees in the House and Senate which conducted joint hearings around the state throughout the summer. Each committee develops their own maps and resolves them through conference. I attended the hearing for Leavenworth County held at the Leavenworth campus of KCKCC - think it was August.

At this point it appears the House Districts are agreed on. Basehor will be split between Connie O'Brien's 42 district and south of 24/40 will be part of the new 118th district. The State Senate districts nor the US House boundaries have been agreed on yet. There are multiple maps being circulated. You can still get your opinion heard by requesting to testify in front of the Senate Redistricting Committee - if you didn't take advantage of the local hearing last summer.

When I spoke to the governor on another issue last Friday evening, he brought this subject up. I'm glad he followed through on his statement that he was going to lobby the issue on our behalf.

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Questions and answers on Feb. 28 Basehor recall election

Please go back and check, Iris Dysart and I moved for full financal disclosure of McIntosh and all other investors and their related companies in December 08. We were voted down by 3 to 2. One of those votes to allow the project to continue without standard due diligence came from Councilman Terry Hill. Ms Marcano did represent McIntosh well - and since that property will continue to involve the city in litigation she cannot represent the city - that is conflict.

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Questions and answers on Feb. 28 Basehor recall election

This Q & A format states the situation well except for Matt's answer on the question about the judge's decision to disallow the grounds of misuse of public funds. Neither the county attorney nor the Judge made a decision as to the validity of the claims only that if true the grounds would be sufficient. What the judge said in his January 12th ruling was that the petitioners did not make the statement that the Mayor's spending of public funds as he did were a violation of policy or a crime and they could easily have done so. Had the three petitioners had the funds for a specialty attorney to draft their grounds this claim would have been properly drafted and easily survived.

I was president of council from the time Loughry was hired until April 2012, during that time the council never in any way confirmed the pen and ink changes to a previously council approved contract as Mayor Hill states in this article. Hill and Loughry were instructed to bring corrections to council after the April 2010 executive session and that never happened while I was on council.

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