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Letter: Water rate increase too big

No, the water district/company territories have no relationship to city lines. One of my longer term goals that I talk up to various Leavenworth County and State elected officials every chance I get is formation of a Leavenworth County Water One/Sewer One. Numbers may not be exact here but there are one water company and 17 water districts in the county - plus probably as many sewer districts -- Briarwood is totally septic systems - but they have a sewer district.
Such a super district could take advantage of the Kansas Statutes which make takeover of inefficient, poorly performing, or piratical private water utilities fairly easy.

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Letter: Water rate increase too big

About Wolf Creek marketplace - taxpayers are stuck with a $1.5 million KDOT loan and no dedicated revenue stream to pay for it. McIntosh and company (supported by his attorney Shannon Marcano) gave the city a forecast of $19 million annual sales – and the Garcia crowd accepted that without question. Food Marketing Institute (University of Minnesota) data shows this to be more than three times what the store could have done for many, many years.
Something else you should know, this same Shannon Marcano was appointed Basehor City Attorney by Mayor Hill. Conflict of interest?
By the way in November 2008, when Councilwoman Dysart and I tried to protect the taxpayers by requiring complete financial disclosure of all the companies and people involved in Wolf Creek Junction and Marketplace, we were outvoted. http://www.basehorinfo.com/news/2008/...
Wolf Creek was a lovely store at a convenient location and we shopped with them right up to the end.

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Letter: Water rate increase too big

jgreen1515 Can you give me a reference on this so we can mobilize to fight it. I went through all the bills filed in the 2012 session and didn't find anything relating to the KCC.
Waterlogged. What in the heck are you talking about? If the state would let me I could drill a well for tons less than you're talking about and two bucks worth of electricity per month would provide more water than anyone could ever use. Had that at my last home- better water - never an outage.

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