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Film a thing of the past

Oh my, where to start ....

.35 mm film? Do you mean 35mm, or 135 format? In an article like this you'd better get your terminology right.

In the camera store I frequent in my home town, film sales are going up, not down, and more and more young people discover the attraction of using digital film; your comment about senior citizens is just a lame ad hominem attack, and certainly not very original.

You also focus (no pun intended) on the Speed Graphic in a poor attempt to make all film photography seem difficult. How about comparing something like a Nikon F4 or F5 35mm (with fast film loading, autofocus lenses etc) to digital. Just as convenient, but it uses film. So much for your argument.

Regarding the Speed Graphic, press cameras, 4x5 view cameras, even medium format cameras have the advantage of large negatives. I can scan the negatives from my Pentax 6x7 and get resolution that in the digital world take a digital back costing 5 or 6 figures to even get close to.

And yes, some of the bigger formats aren't as convenient, and force the photographer to take a slower, more methodical and thoughtful approach to photography. Is that such a bad thing.

If the only kind of photography one cares about are badly composed "selfies" or party snapshots then yes, digital is the perfect format: no skill, thought, intelligence or compositional sense required.

Anyway, I think you should run along ... your toy camera is calling you.

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