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Horses pulling up lame at auction

The reason Saffer's horse didn't bring in a 'decent' price is because Saffer is not breeding quality horses. Saffer admits that "A couple of years ago, that horse probably would have brought $400" which is the price the killers would have paid for it. Want more $ for your horses? STOP BREEDING HORSES WITH GLARING CONFORMATION FAULTS. Instead of running 50 sub-standard horses, invest in high quality breeding stock.

If you want to know who's funding the pro-slaughter campaign, you need to look no further than to the American Quarter Horse Association and its paid lobbyist, former senator Conrad (kill them all) Burns! Instead of throwing away hundreds of thousands of dollars on lobbyists and journalists, the AQHA should become part of the solution. The vast majority of horses going to slaughter are young stock-bred types (read: Quarter Horses). The money thrown at pro-slaughter campaign could have helped to support the euthanasia funds created by rescue organizations across the country. The AQHA is positioned to lead all registries toward doing what is best for the horses but they choose not to.

AQHA members, it's time to wake up. Your membership and registration fees are being used to fund the slaughter of our horses. Their blood is on your hands.

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