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Leavenworth County Commission moves forward with airport study

I agree with Mr. Kaaz. The business park is crucial to the success of this project. You don't get a return on investment with just selling gas. This is a limited time opportunity. You have a suppressed real estate market, an area just minutes, south of the city, that is about to open a water park, casino, Cerner Corp. Providing the seeds to make this project successful.

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Basehor grocery closing causes uncertainties for city

Great story Kaitlyn, but don't stop there...

Bringing in the City's side of things was great reporting. But I see more, Kait. For instance, how do you invest in a project this size, a 44,000 sqft building and only have enough capital to fund for 7 months? A typical business model calls for at least 3 years funding. Something stinks here. What bank funded this operation? I would like to know if my bank is about to write off a 40 million dollar loss. Someone got stuck with this bill and it's not the three investors. What's with the $533k law suit filed by Affiliated Foods Midwest Cooperative, Inc. in early January.

Relate this back to the failing economy and consumer confidence in banks. I see a banking story here, as well.

Don't give up...your feet are only wet at the surface. Keep up the good work and keep us entertained.

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