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Horses pulling up lame at auction

John Holland good question

" It begs the question of who is paying for this propaganda campaign?"

Could it be the Belgium horse slaughter house owners? Maybe the French? Oh goodness with all the millions of dollars they make off of "American Horse Meat - The Best in the World" could they be spending a couple hundred here or there spreading their propaganda?

Geez maybe so...

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Horses pulling up lame at auction

Oh and by the way! These foreign owned slaughter houses while in the US and now in Canada and Mexico sell their horse meat as "United States Wild Horse Meat" implying the horses are wild and free from drugs! HA HA NOT they are your backyard pets, race horses, etc. that you wormed last week and gave bute to yesterday, steroids? Now that makes a good horse steak! We as Americans are poisoning the French and so on with our "NOT TO BE USED ON ANIMALS RAISED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION" horse meat.

All of you that drop Princess off at the auction and walk away thinking they would be purchased by a loving home are fooling yourselves. Horse meat is in high demand now that Canada has an overwhelming amount of horse slaughter houses popping up. OH NO!!! Canada also has horses starving and horses being abused! Why on earth would that happen with so many slaughter houses available? Could it be that slaughter and abuse have no affect on one another? Please do your research and quit blaming horse slaughter on EVERYTHING horse related. The only thing I can come up with is you have a problem dealing with reality.


Bon Apitite.

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Horses pulling up lame at auction

Quoted in an ABC article: (Google)

Richard Koehler, the vice president of BelTex, a foreign-owned company.

He said American horse meat is "the best in the world."

Don't be a fool. The only reason horse slaughter exist is because of the $25.00 per pound it brings from the rich overseas.

Horse slaughter is very much happening today as it has in the past. There is no reason to blame horse prices on horse slaughter.

Why don't all you ill minded breeders that will breed ANYTHING you can get your hands on STOP?

Seems to me if prices are so bad like you have been compaining about since BEFORE the slaughter houses in the United States closed you would have gelded your worthless stallions? But no pregnant mares by the truck load are being shipped to slaughter in Canada and Mexico because you all "horse people" are worthless no good for nothing all you care about is money breeding FAILURES.


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