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Identify theft on the rise in Basehor

Advice on identity theft, and this is from the same guy who wouldn't let the former officer fill out an identity theft report from a resident's call for help because this same guy claimed it wasn't a "crime." Cracks me up!!! Oh, maybe he's had some training now and finally knows what a crime is!! But who cares if everybody's apathetic? LOL!!!

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Breuer, Box win primary

Armystrong> "...have read several posts recently where you tell people to just get out of the city. " Yeah, Thinkaboutit is beating the drum once again with the fake/pseudo patriotism love-it-or-leave-it attitude because "they" could be part of the "more equal than others" mob, right??

Armystrong> "...they were just using Mertz as an example." Another good point and totally agree. StandforSomething used a good analogy, BUT "they" who have "vested interests," or otherwise politically-connected, are more concerned with the 3 former city council members ALLEGEDLY causing a Loughry lawsuit by giving them a quick recall as their response in order to do the "Potomac-Two-Step" which consists of having lesser subordinates go down as the "scape goat" or "sacrificial lamb" (depending on which illusion is being promoted) to create the appearance that the problem has been cleaned up, and meanwhile, the actual perps remain unscathed (taking turns doing this as a fun indoor sport), and yet "they" have no qualms and totally ignore staff members still employed with rewarded pay raises [allegedly] causing a federal lawsuit with what appears to be legit evidence for horrific, questionable behaviors against other personnel, past and present, as well as residents!!

Yeah, "hubris" describes this whole nasty situation, including forced gag orders on the abused victims to prevent further exposure of the bigger picture, create "shame" on their victims for their own pleasure and gratification, while avoiding any consequences, making it compulsive/obsessive behavior that won't go away no matter how many "scape goats" go down!! Kudos to those who are wisely using their discernment and exercising their God-given rights before a duressed gag order (compulsion by threat or force) is put in place in order to buy them off/shut them up, since abuse thrives on secrecy and silence!!

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Breuer, Box win primary

Yeah, like lowering job requirements for city administrator because there's "not enough applications" yet for a non-posted job! LOL!!

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The price of loyalty: Setting wages a balancing act for area cities

Didn't know Matt was leaving--where to?--Good luck to you!

Agree on further analysis for turnover other than wages. Turnovers have also been proven to be caused by a bully-entrenched-hierarchy, which leads to this question >>Why in the world would "most" of our city's officers in Basehor be hired without any experience, as per our own chief's words above?????

"Most applicants for the city’s police department have no experience, he said, so it takes about six months to a year for them to become truly effective officers..."

Common sense: Hiring somebody without any experience OR training, putting a badge and gun into their hands and told to go out and protect the city population, creates an adrenaline rush (fight or flight) and/or fear factor!! Without that prior experience OR training, a lot of those emotions can spill over into the workplace, ESPECIALLY when it takes "6 months to a year for them to become truly effective officers." And exactly what is happening in the meantime with our city's problems while waiting for that to happen??

Knowingly hiring somebody to fight crime and/or criminals without any experience OR training, just who ever walks in off the street, creates all kinds of questions, particularly about city hall's management incompetency!!

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Former police officer sues city of Basehor, alleging wrongful termination

Tsk, Tsk..."projecting" what you're doing onto somebody else again.

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Former police officer sues city of Basehor, alleging wrongful termination

"Basehorresident22" >> As stated previously, behavior disorders training helps to understand what kind of corruption and abuse has been done against the former city attorney, former HR clerk, and to those multiple PD victims that "basehordreams" referred to in prior articles.

Those who abuse others, or those who support abuse just to be accepted, go on the offensive at those who want corruption and abuse stopped. Why? Because it is they who are really the "insanely angry" who want to continue their compulsive addiction to power and gain.

Bullies use about 15 tricks (as per bully studies in the UK who have outlawed it), and go to #15, calling somebody mentally ill/insane for discrediting and button-pushing, when none of the other 14 tricks don't work on their targeted victim. High turn-over rates are symptomatic of a bully entrenched management hierarchy where the usual 15 tricks are used in the work environment to maintain the systemic corruption. It only serves their interest, not the public's.

Now back to the "spreading of [accurate] information" here >> It is about trying to determine why the corruption and abuse is going on down at city hall against innocent, non-contract victims doing their jobs correctly in the first place, past and present, and wanting it stopped to avoid future non-contract victims who get the ax for doing their job correctly, and who are then forced to rely on litigation to expose management's destructive and wasteful behaviors.

As Paul said - where is your proof? Maybe you work in Basehor's HR Dept.? Interviewing people out on the street to find out about a person's prior employment record is ludicrous, and last we heard, even with at-will states, a former employer can only give the dates of employment, not about any "action" taken for or against a former employee. Pronouncing somebody guilty by mere accusation doesn't work and is just the usual demonization of somebody you're choosing to see as an adversary.

Where in Missouri, and how do you know for a fact what allegedly happened there? Only unshakable facts, not street rumors, can add to this "spreading of [accurate] information," and we'd like to hear them.

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Former police officer sues city of Basehor, alleging wrongful termination

Above article's quote: "The case was moved to federal court because the lawsuit claims to concern federal whistleblower laws and the First Amendment, along with state laws." If it was true what you've said, by law that would've had to be listed, and the above article would've quoted that.

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Former police officer sues city of Basehor, alleging wrongful termination

Meds...paranoid...crazy...angry...voices all the time or part of the time...all diversionary labels to get the focus off the guilty ones and what they're doing, which was an implied threat.

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Former police officer sues city of Basehor, alleging wrongful termination

LOL! Discrediting the officer you "don't know" by libeling him about an alleged former job that either didn't bother, or just plain didn't exist, when the city's PD hired him, but you're expecting us to believe that you hope this guy you "don't know" is happy at his new job, and that you're merely "complimenting" the current company he just happens to work for...That fits the definition of an implied threat.

As to the money you're worried about, none of this would exist if we had honest/competent people working for us down at city hall. If you really truly live "in the city," then join with the rest of us who want honest, competent city employees, who aren't above the law.

The trouble begins when an honest/competent employee refuses to be assimilated into the corrupt cabal, and a phony case is built to get rid of them. Our at-will state laws say it has to be for "just cause," but the above response from Martley/Pearce says it can be for "no cause."

The whistleblowers are the real heroes. And they get treated like bovine excrement.

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Former police officer sues city of Basehor, alleging wrongful termination

"...I am sure, has already had depositions...will be tossed out of court..." You sure are "sure" about a lot of things. Must be one of the "insiders."

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