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Basehor mayor denies request for special council meeting before recalls take effect

Don't be so sure. Maybe Mr. Erickson should start by reporting ALL the facts in his articles and not just the ones that benefit the few. I can show you many examples of this and I will tell you Mr. Anderson, that reporting style is not appreciated. The media carries power, but only to the extent that the people will tolerate the abuse. Please, in the future, learn to report all of what you know. When people eventually learn the truth, they tend to discount the Sentinel as an accurate source and right now, you're pushing the limit.

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Basehor mayor denies request for special council meeting before recalls take effect

FYI Dennis, rumor has it that Matt Erickson of the Basehor Sentinel has been pushing the request for the special meeting. While council members Dysart and Mertz are technically council members for a while longer, they need to respect the will of the people. The vote speaks for itself. For the current council to conduct ANY further business would be a slap in the face to the voters of this city. Ms Dysart, the only concern you have for the city's future is how this election will impact YOUR select group of friends. That is the reason you were recalled in the first place. It was your lack of concern for the majority of the people in this city that put you in this position. The City of Basehor will continue to grow, it's inevitable and so will the number of people who want responsible representation for all, not just a select few. Thank you for awakening the masses to the freedoms we should all enjoy.

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Basehor residents turn out in droves to recall mayor, 2 council members

Thanks to all of the voters from the City of Basehor for standing up for what they believed in. Both sides will forever argue about "who's right", but the facts cannot be ignored. The city WILL face a wrongful termination suit that COULD have been avoided. That is the bottom line and a fact that won't go away. Our only hope, as taxpayers, is that the insurance company covers the damages. That is not guaranteed, since Mertz, Dysart and Box ignored the advice of the City Attorney when they terminated the City Administrator. Let's hope that the new appointees don't harbor the liberal spending ways of former councilman Washington, Mertz, Dysart and current member Box. We need to install good conservative council members that keep the best interests of ALL taxpayers in mind, not just a few who have special interests within the city. The taxpayers spoke last night and they're telling our city government that they don't want decisons backed by three members (Mertz, Dysart and Box) that saddle us with costs that benefit them and their special interest friends. Note, Mayor Hill did not get the city into the mess it is in, he only presided over this circus. The liberal spending of our tax dollars ended last night. Say goodnight Mr. Washington!!!

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