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Breuer elected as Basehor mayor

The citizens of Leavenworth County should sue the County Commisioners for violation of Public trust. They willfully violated their own laws by allowing Dean Oroke to sell a piece of property owned by his girlfriend who is also a former County employee (in trash services of course). I would encourage a civil suit against Oroke. Watch these people closely as they are not what they spout off to be. If these elected officials demand growth by new people, then we will give it to them. Let's start by getting rid of the local mafia and elect a few educated people instead of Community College drop outs. What a joke. Anyway, Congratulations Basehor, your new Mayor is introduced as a Community College dropout and "contractor", lol. What could possibly go wrong there? Contractors are sooooooo honest and pay their taxes. ;)

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Breuer, Box win primary

A Cautionary tale indeed.
Basehor claims it will grow. Major factors in this growth:
1. Federal Government Spending (will be cut, no question)
2. Legends Mall (bankrupt, defaulted on debt)
3. Cerner (EMR software and training)
The fact that a contractor will control the city of Basehor would be ok if there was sustainable growth. This seems problematic at best.
Recently, articles have been written and numbers provided for a housing increase in the area. This may or may not come to pass as there are several problems with this assumption. A contractor already has a network of buddies that of course would benefit greatly from any building, this short list may be very short (say relatives) or it may be very long, (people that the mayor went to High School with, no college, keep that in mind).
Construction works this way: A contractor borrows a large sum of money, then digs a few holes, throws up a house and then hopes that a city slicker is willing to commit to a 30 year relationship with this house, sometimes this works, sometimes it does not. Fact being, the outsider must be convinced to buy so that the contractor can skim some profit, the Contractor is a house pimp at this point. The problem with growth lies on Cerner, this is a company that makes software for EMR packages. There are over 200 of these companies, some are giants. Anyone in healthcare knows that companies rise and fall everyday, are bought, sold, or outsourced and some fall behind and become irrelevant. They are outsourced to keep competitive.
Be careful who you elect as Mayor as maybe only a few will benefit, this said, the outsiders that Basehor is depending on to fork over millions, may just be outsourced or moved to Wisconsin, or Florida or California or India or Thailand (you get the point). I think the first action of this Mayor should be less concerned about the council and more concerned about the deciding factor which is Cerner and their 10 year plan. Yes they are expanding, so did Bayer (bought by Siemens), and Beckman-Coulter (merged and now falling behind to companies like Sysmex), and a 100 others. Just be careful going all in on the housing market, that is what bankrupts cities quickly. One big move and poof, the outsiders are gone.

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Breuer, Box win primary

I never even heard of the guy (Dean Oroke) and don't really care, but, it seems to me that the people should do a better job of researching their candidates before forking over millions in their hard earned taxes to college dropouts and people that only want to project an image. Contractors always want growth and Contractors have no idea of how to grow, only that building houses must be good. However, careers for the citizens (not jobs) , education, sustainable growth, INFRASTRUCTURE, all of these provide growth. An educated workforce and the ability to get around is what drives an economic engine. When small town politics clash with people from the outside, the result is often a decrease in growth. People have better places to spend their money, without all the drama queens and family infighting. The "outsiders" do not care and would be happy to move along. The economic engine of Leavenworth County is a Federal installation and a bankrupt mall. Budget cuts at the Federal level and a Bankrupt Wall Street firm are not solid foundations to count on. Growth is possible, but electing based on relatives and who controls the snowplow is just absurd.
I have lived all over this country. The first thing I noticed about Kansas was my tax rate skyrocketed for roads that resemble the 1800's. People seem to build large, box type houses on terrible roads, have some pride people, pave those roads and get out of the 1800s! A one cent tax would pave every road in a county, by the time you factor in all the services you do not get already, I doubt you would notice. Maybe people like dirt roads here, but just saying. Infrastructure, education and forward thinking create growth. If you hate growth, then shut up, drive back to your house on that dirty road, sit in the basement and watch TV. Don't be afraid of the big bad outside world.
If cheap houses are the only draw for NE Kansas, then you better get your roads fixed and stop using the outsiders as some sort of cash cow to fuel these obvious monopolies. The outsiders are already tired of the he married she married he divorced she divorced blah blah blah blah blah!

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Breuer, Box win primary

I looked all of this up on Google.
Why do people elect "Contractors" in the first place? What a joke!! Let's see, we can use the example of Dean Oroke as a County Commissioner and a case study. He gets elected by claiming somehow he's good for the people, because he built a few houses? Gets into office, proceeds to fall in love with another county employee, uses the Sheriff to "keep the peace", then leaves office, but wait, alas, in the meantime he gains a piece of property that he claims is immune to the very laws created to protect the people and then goes back to the County Commission to get the sale of this property approved so it can bring 14 jobs? He really only wanted the money to finance his own delusional view of himself. Please, give us a break!! He obviously had some inside dealings there. Contractors are notorious for doing things under the table and not paying their fair share of taxes. People elected Dean Oroke because he was good at convincing people he may know something, ....thats funny, he didnt have the will nor the intellect to go to college yet he somehow magically knows the law? How is this possible? Osmosis maybe? Without an engineering degree or even a Commmunity College class on Civics, he mysteriously knows something? HAHAHA. Maybe he took an online course and graduated with a degree in rocket surgery too?

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Breuer, Box win primary

People in Basehor Kansas need to get out more. Maybe there are better options out there, maybe your cousin isnt the best choice.

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Mayoral candidate profiles

LOL. I didnt say anything about anyone. It's called being professional and transparent. I DO NOT care who these people are, as long as they are not out for their own wealth and status. Besides, I only take advice based on credentials, if you lack them, keep moving. Attending a "community college" is not the same as GRADUATING from a College or University. Little things like Planning, Contracting, Accounting, Economics (micro/macro), Forming rational thought, Excel spreadsheets, Budgets, Allocation, Grant writing, Ethics, Government, reading comprehension, Science, Chemistry, Health Care etc? Those are a few things you may need to know in order to survive and prosper.

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Mayoral candidate profiles

No one posted who they were related to and if any potential conflicts of interest exist.

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Mayoral forum gets heated

A simple solution is this. When a professional organization hires a new member (such as a hospital etc), the organization requires a Curriculum Vitae or "CV". On this "CV", the candidate lists all the accomplishments, experience and education of this potential member. Make every candidate post an online CV including everyone they are related to as a disclosure( which is customary in any Federal or large organization) to look for potential conflicts of interest. Vote for a candidates CV.

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Mayoral forum gets heated

It's almost comical how the "locals" assume the public is ignorant to the unique ways the elected officials weasel around the checks and balances while claiming authority to do so. Prime example, a former County Commissioner chases skirts while in office, divorces wife, hooks up with new girlfriend (who happens to be another County employee), gets a piece of land that can't be sold due to restrictions in place (that he himself helped put in place), then goes back to his good ol boys at the County Commission to say that a US Government installation is somehow "public use" and proceeds to sell property will the aid of other locals. If this were an unelected private citizen, it would have never happened. Padding the pockets of former and current officials is not the way to do business.
The "locals" run around and spout off about growth and we need new victims or as they like to say, "tax payers" from other areas to move in so they can proceed to pad their own pockets. Then if someone speaks out about it, their microphone is cut off? Sounds more like a Communist idealogy rather than a Democratic one. The "locals" want all the new tax money while remaining in power.
The new people that bring money and jobs and business opportunities may soon outnumber the locals that married their brothers sisters cousin in law. Then maybe you will see actual people with degrees in planning and business and management actually take over for people that try to intimidate just because they are all related.
The moral of the story is to elect QUALIFIED individuals with experience, not listen to excuses about cousins and in-laws and matters that have nothing to do with tax base, infrastructure, education, crime, and advancement of Northeast Kansas into a viable business opportunity. It is hard enough to attract legitimate business to Northeast Kansas, the solution is not to argue about family relations, the PUBLIC does not care about these people and their meaningless spats about nothing. Get over yourselves.
Cut off the mic? Call out the Sheriff to keep the peace? Did people elect the wife? The Cousin? The in-law? Are we all Out-Laws now?
Northeast Kansas: No Beach, No Retirement Mecca, Bad weather, Little to no scenery etc., If you do not want the area to grow and improve it's tax base, education and career opportunities, then keep letting the wife of this guy run the show. I'm sure business leaders not from Northeast Kansas would be happy to go somewhere else.
Check the experience of candidates, the history, education and the ability to manage, not just because they may or may not be related (sometimes by marriage), at least this week.

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Mayoral forum gets heated

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