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Basehor officer unscathed after suspect fires shots

"...speculative and false information...accusations of mishandling are purely speculative...apples and oranges..." Wow!

Makes one wonder if all the "investigative" journalists' real employer down at the Sentinel is the local newspaper or the local City Hall, based on the paper's on-going bias and complacency towards cover-ups, double-standards, and very controlled City Hall "news" around here!

Guess bringing up a few facts, as well as a "loose end" on an ignored lawsuit obviously trying to get justice for all the many real victims, hit a few nerves!

"...When the foot chase began, many other law enforcement agencies came to the scene..." Thank you for that additional fact that we all knew had to be there! Probably more likely to be "many other agencies began pursuit as soon as the dispatcher came on," but we can accept this much for now.

Nothing personal against Officer Self, somebody was on duty and it just happened to be him, and nothing personal against even Chief Martley - just disgusted with their lack of ethical and moral behaviors being allowed to continue by the City Council, who are still ignoring justice for the many real victims out there over the years, but expecting us to buy into the above PR piece of just how great only these 2 are!

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Basehor officer unscathed after suspect fires shots

Wow! Scenes of times to come, maybe, as the economy keeps dropping. Good job to ALL officers involved, because it's hard to believe KC and Basehor had only one officer each in pursuit of 4 criminals.

"...exceptional professionalism...outstanding job..." Sounds more like a PR piece for upcoming DUI officer's court hearing in June...which begs the question of how DUI Officer Self, who's not been allowed to drive, was able to assist the KC officer in the original chase because that's two cars and Officer Self has been the passenger officer with other driver officers....which means he got his driving privileges back at the May 14 hearing that merely asked for a continuance in June(which would go against the usual DUI rules if he did, right?), OR we're only mentioning Officer Self and leaving the name of his driver out of the story, OR Officer Self left his driver and jumped into the KC officer's car, OR....?? Facts, please, not a PR piece.

After not knowing that identity theft is a crime, and not knowing the REAL laws for DUI cases, at least now maybe the Basehor Chief/Administrator can see that this real-life example is a prime reason WHY the officers need to be prepared at all times, with vehicles repaired with something besides glue, having loaded guns, etc. Interesting that DUI Officer Self is designated as "exceptional professionalism...outstanding job...," but Chief/Administrator fired the former officer who exemplified the same behaviors...admitting it's just because he "didn't like the former Chief hiring" the officer!

Speaking of firing the former officer, yeah, whatever happened to THAT "loose end," Basehor City Council? Didn't see the August 2012 federal lawsuit listed in your last PR piece, I mean, city council agenda, where there was plenty of bragging about closing all the final "loose ends" of the "past." Scheez, what a bunch of losers.

Good going to ALL officers and homeowner in taking down these 4 criminals!

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Basehor VFW's future is up in the air

Nope. His supporters were the ones who put him in right after they got rid of the competition.

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Basehor VFW's future is up in the air

"Meghan" - During the time you're referring to, Breuer was also hoping his supporters would put him in as mayor when Loughry got tossed out, which makes your comment a moot point, but since it keeps getting repeated by the same 4 to 5 posters, it would make it appear to be an obvious agenda to hide and/or protect our current administration's doings when things don't go their way. Let's hope today's election gets the people out to vote this time!

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Basehor VFW's future is up in the air

Look what can be found when you google how many VFW Posts have been, and still are, asking for help, and this is only ONE example from the google page:

March 2012-VFW 2480, Port Clinton, Ohio – “As we all know the US economy is in the tank! We in Port Clinton are hurting from this down turn more than most. Your VFW is in desperate shape! What was once quoted as the “richest” post in Ohio is broke…Your Post has been engaged in many things to try to improve our situation. We have made many changes in the way of hours of operation, inventory carried, thermostats set back, lights turned down or off, Insurance Policies reviewed or changed, not paying for every service available. We recently entered into a contract with Performance Group of America to get our heating gas cheaper. Because of this contract you are also able to change your gas company and save with us at 2480…For most of 2480 this is the first newsletter of this kind you have ever received. Asking for you to think and consider the possibility of your post to close is serious. Many have never been asked to help before. Now is the time for your consideration. The VFW is a NOT for Profit organization so use your imagination and think of ways to help…”

OMG! Does this mean that all these VFW Posts are being run with an “unsustainable business plan” where the directors have "no management skills" to run for city council or mayor??

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Basehor officer still on duty after DUI arrest

"Meghan" - Name-calling labels. How does that help your cause? Turn on your open-minded critical thinking skills like Armystrong has, and then do a new posting, please.

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Basehor officer still on duty after DUI arrest

"Where there's smoke, there's fire." Article is not about the officer's "mistake," but about the Chief's apparent cover-up by his own admission in above quotes!

Just like an earlier posting about Lt. Pierce's "one-time mistake" of being caught with porn while at work, but got his job back just cuz it was only "soft" porn, and then hired by Basehor....just like "Friend" says - get rid of good officers (and many, many other good city employees!) and cover for the "one-time-mistake" people. "...have it in for Chief Martley, and just love to drag up dirt..." LOL! This about the guy who actually used real DIRT to create a bogus "just cause" to fire a former police officer!! LOL!!!!!

Good analogy with using their logic, "Armystrong!" And GREAT job well done, Basehor Sentinel, especially with calling the state commission guy!

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Identify theft on the rise in Basehor

"Breuer, Box win primary" article has comments disabled - computer glitch, censorship, old news that residents don't need to read the comments about any more, what? Any comments on this, Basehor Sentinel?

Remember that old saying: "Keep doing the same thing, and expecting different results, is the definition of insanity."

This also applies to Basehor, and we're sick and tired of being party to it. The above treatment by officers refusing to write a report, let alone doing something with the boys, is elderly abuse on top of all else. Disgusting.

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Identify theft on the rise in Basehor

"...officers refuse to write up a report..." Got their marching orders not to report a crime! And you can't tell me the current mayor and city council don't know, but let it keep going, giving raises on top of it, acting like victims if they get requests from the voters to do something.

"“There has been corruption in the city administration long enough, and I desire to no longer be a party to it,” Box said" (March 5, 2012 Sentinel) -- Basehor residents couldn't have said this any better ourselves, and before we get all the whiners on here who support that same said corruption accusing me of whatever-enters-their-brain-that's-not-true, get it straight, we don't know your favorite punching bags, we're not family, friends, or neighbors to all those people who you whine about, we just want to see a BIG CHANGE in leadership (or the lack thereof).

"...Soldiers finally got involved and from what I heard he was transferred..." Yes, thank you, the Army analogy applies 100% to Basehor. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that when a crime is treated as a non-crime, the criminal activity RISES while the stupid stats on paper might look like crime is down. But when crime is documented and punished each and every time, with officers following-up on it until the crime is solved and has a consequence, not waiting to get it reported either, but getting right on it immediately, then word spreads through the "criminal grapevine" by word of mouth very quickly, to move on and find an easier place to commit a crime, and the crime activity goes DOWN because criminals are afraid to get caught--how lame can they get at City Hall--get those boys into a youth detention hall and make them start earning money to pay back the theft and their damage to the property. They get away with it, they talk/brag with friends, more teenagers try it--stop fostering/enabling criminals!

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Breuer, Box win primary

JohninBasehor>> "Finally we have a Council and Mayor together that aren't in the news every day, but the cheerleaders of the former council want their group back in control." Never going to persuade your core belief, BUT we "cheerleaders" just happen to like it when an elected official does their job and catches another elected/or appointed official with their hand in the til. Of course, if all the elected officials are of the same mindset, turning a blind eye for a friend, then they won't be in the news, will they!

ThinkAboutIt>> "Until any of the complainers are on a mayor ballot or council ballot, I will have a hard time taking them serious." How sad for you that you only listen to politicians! No wonder you're frustrated and confused sounding.

ThinkAboutIt>> "Just because a vote doesn't go the way you want, that doesn't mean it was improper or unjustified." Truth, now apply it.

Jayhawk83>> "Anyone who would be worthy may not even consider it due to fear of termination and defamation just like Loughry experienced." Only if they don't want to get caught with their hand in the til.

Google this title>> GENERAL INFORMATION CONCERNING CITY MANAGERS AND CITY ADMINISTRATORS -- it's from the University of Tennessee's municipal training classes and handbook: "16. What role does a mayor or councilman have in a town employing a city

"...A city manager generally serves in communities having a “weak mayor” form of government– where the position of mayor is largely ceremonial.

"Whether a city manager or a city administrator, THE TOWN'S ELECTED OFFICIALS REMAIN IN CONTROL of the city government and oversee the performance of the city manager/administrator.

Houston Chronical>>What Are the Duties of a City Administrator? -- "Big city governments with many employees might hire a manager, while rural communities with strong mayor-council governments look for a combination clerk and accountant to administer...".

Wikipedia>>"Mayor-Council Government" -- "...the mayor will appoint a chief administrative officer...(when) this officer is sometimes called a city manager, the manager is responsible only to the mayor in this variant."

Did Hill/Loughry try to do a "manager" thing by leaving out the city council in order to set a precedence of him answering only to the mayor instead of to the city council. By getting caught in their scheme, they squealed like stuck pigs, playing the victims.

Potential scenario - current mayor gets put back in on April 2nd, he "appoints" Martley as the "permanent" city administrator (longer it gets put off, the more "experience" he can claim, right?) Pearce gets put in as the new Chief, and waalah - the good ol' boys network, population grows a little more, just enough to drop the city council, and you've got a three-man-show running us and everything else. Could this be the hidden agenda down at City Hall? How sweet it is!!

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