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Basehor City Council work session agenda: Jan. 7

Well, we're watching to see what gets done tonight. Totally ignoring the past "mistakes" of current staff doesn't make the consequences of those actions get better or go away. The city council's credibility is spiraling downward with each passing "work" session, no matter what smoke and mirrors get passed off to the public. What's the city council, or city administrator, hiding this time around??

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The price of loyalty: Setting wages a balancing act for area cities

If the upper-level hires people with no experience most of the time, or think of themselves as "training" new officers, then there's no reason to complain when they leave for bigger cities or bigger pay.

Bottom line is when there's good support, somebody who does care about the community, as well as his own officers, a lot of people will actually be "loyal" to stay.

But not wanting a resident's identity theft to be taken care of as a crime, and not caring about the officers' vehicle shotguns to be loaded when he's the one of only two people who has the keys to the ammo (common sense would make it a routine check without waiting for somebody to report it, and when somebody does report it, common sense would be to immediately take care of it, not verbally abuse and ignore the messenger), call it bully or not, maybe it IS called something else, but it's still something that needs to be focused on other than just the salary and benefits.

Have no problem with our officers getting adequate wages and benefits. It's the lack of respect and good leadership that their superiors should be giving them, all of them, not just the chosen few (like the ones who claim they have to do the crime investigtations behind the chief's back because the chief doesn't want to "jack" with it). It's the lack of respect and desire to serve the public's safety and best interests coming from those same upper-level leaders.

Maybe Martley wants to be appointed as city administrator, with his right-hand guy Lt. Pearce being made as Chief, since he sounds like he wants to be in charge of all those "200 applications." Or maybe just keep things the way they are with both jobs if he can't "find" a qualified applicant? That's not the best thing--City Hall needs to do better than that, unless of course it's "business as usual," then we just unite at the ballot box next time around.

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Basehor City Council moving ahead with city administrator search

Tonganoxie city administrator job opening had a total of 40 applicants during a 4 month search.

40 divided by 6 city council members = 6.6 applications per each city council member.

This information is for those of us that like to deal in facts and even if there were a 100 or 200 as suggested above, common sense would dictate that you divide number by 6, and then they would pick about 5 of their top choices, get together, and vote on the top 10. This is just good business/management sense. Very simple math.

The above comments reflect back on yourself since I'm standing up for our city council, and I firmly believe that they are capable enough to select a qualified applicant between the 6 of them.

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Basehor City Council moving ahead with city administrator search

“Do all of you have time to sit here and read 200 applications?”

Uhhhh....are you saying you want to read those 200 applications all by yourself?? Can't be another "option" offer when it's worded like an insult, talking down to your superiors.

Enough. Please let the city council do THEIR job. They don't need you doing THEIR job (again, since you and your friends did not let the former city council do THEIR job in reviewing all those former employees' records to determine their outcome!).

Based on how far they've gone in life, the city council all appear to be literate. And they filled out the applications and accepted the appointments, which is assuming they fully expected to spend the time to sit there and do THEIR job.

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Former police officer sues city of Basehor, alleging wrongful termination

"...sound insanely angry..." None of LR's posts sound any such thing. What's your real beef with LR? Too much truth gettin to ya? Talking to Paul, and then you switch over to taunting LR with a fake scolding. Hahahahaha! Anything to make people quit reading this article, ha!!

Pierce/Pearce's former job found him doing porn on the job and fired him. It didn't get "overturned," it got "modified" from hard porn to soft porn, which allowed him to return, which he did, and then later was recruited by Basehor PD since he'd worked for them in between time. The Topeka Capital published it, which was posted on an earlier article, therefore, hard-core evidence that it happened, not like the verbal assaults given above against the officer.

Agree with Paul on all his key points. Loughry's buddies keep saying proper procedures weren't followed in firing him, when Loughry was caught doing something wrong, and gave him all that money. BUT nobody wants to admit that they, AND Loughry, threw all those past victims under the bus for doing their job correctly and refusing to do their illegal orders!!

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Former police officer sues city of Basehor, alleging wrongful termination

This was bumped up from county district court to a federal district court, holy cow!

This appears to be way more serious than the Nov.'s Notice of Claims, and way more serious than the above commenters want to admit. Maybe that's why they're mud slinging already.

As usual, nothing heard or read so far backs up the above attacks on this former officer who's attached lawsuit appears that he was committed to protecting and serving our town, as well as the other officers, and that's the thanks he got--getting fired for it.

Where's the spine of the other officers, to stand with him against the PD's "hostility" when caught not following safety procedures against them, let alone treating a resident's ID theft as a non-crime, and whining about rescuing a child who's dying!??!!

And the city's demanding a court trial instead of a settlement?? Guess they figure they can talk/lie their way out of this one, too.

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Basehor City Council agenda includes $200,000 settlement with former administrator Loughry

How do you know all that you're saying, or are you just blowing off steam over a traffic ticket?

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Basehor City Council gives employees pay bump

Stand corrected on "superintendent"...used in same sentence with police chief was mis-read, "my bad," thank you. Point still stands if "interim city administrator" is included in the 40% "upper-level" pay bump. Gives new perspective on "double dipping" when getting 40% raise for each.

Ewwwwwwww, "Well here we go again!..." We moved here 21 months ago, never met who you keep attacking. Gets old and sure makes you look like a *******

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Basehor City Council gives employees pay bump

In spite of town feedback to the contrary on the amount and method of those "upper-level" pay raises, but got approved anyway. Nothing wrong with a pay raise for the employees IF you can afford it, but that 40% hike for the "upper-level," AND the process for getting it, is pure bunk! And THAT'S the point of discussion here and elsewhere, NOT about the stupid attacks on former politicians, or the stupid back-handed comments about us residents being against a pay raise for the "lower-level" employees! "Missing the point" on purpose is a tactic to keep attacking until people get disgusted and go away, and then you get your own way like a 2-year old's temper tantrum, right?

As per recent news, Hutchison's police chief, in a city of about 42,000 population, has 30+ years experience as a full-time officer, even has experience in a large city, and he doesn't get anywhere near what our town's almost 6,000 police chief is going to be getting! Guess that was missed during the council's research of other cities mentioned above.

How many years of full-time police experience and training do you have, Mr. Martley, and did you ever get any experience in a larger city?? And since when does a city continue to allow the police chief to "supervise" himself by also serving as the city administrator--oh, forgot, city superintendent is the new "title" now. What experience do you have, Mr. Martley, to even be a city administrator/superintendent?? IF a city doubles up on employees doing more than one job, it's USUALLY to save money, not spend more with double salaries that gets jacked up higher and higher than the surrounding larger cities!! So does this 40% hike apply to BOTH "upper-level" jobs that you've had since almost a year ago, and when it happens, the town can be deceived into thinking it's for "the other" job until you've got the full 80% for both jobs?? Get real.

And furthermore, getting sick and tired of posts on these forums attacking people who speak out, just because their opinions disagree with the "annointed" opinions! We teach kids at public schools to learn the art of "conflict resolution," why can't you attacking nay-sayers take a few lessons over at the school on how to talk to people when there's a difference of opinion!!??

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Letter: Lack of female representation in Basehor

How does that saying go: "Me thinks you protest too much." Okay, so you don't like the words she used to express her main message, we get it.

But a simple letter addressed to women for more political involvement, and the same 5 attackers come on board once again to spread their venom and attempt to manipulate the public perception!

It's not like there's no females in Basehor who could not fit in with the "good ol' boy network," (or even fit in with corruption---hear the latest news item of the Illinois female who stole $30 million from the "beloved" city she worked for during the last 6 years, and allegedly nobody at their city hall even noticed??).

So why the overkill on the idea of females getting involved?? Maybe she's right--maybe it's time to kick out everybody next April and start over with fresh people, male AND female, who have a track record of being good/honest/wise and a track record of really doing good for the town, without having any secret motives or deep pockets to fill up.

Ok, Women of Basehor--put on thicker skins of armour, so their venom and thorns can't push our buttons to make us mad enough to quit (main goal of all these attacks with no substance), and let's start attending ALL the meetings this coming year, no matter how little notice is given, or how lame the agenda looks!

Any time somebody protests this much to having people attend the meetings and get involved, there's something rotten in Denmark (or Basehor?)

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