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Film a thing of the past

Well, things are sure different in Kansas, I guess. And I can see how someone who is older and maybe less in tune with the internet and photography in general might think this. Heck, you don't see film for sale in most places anymore and every week there is a new article out about film's death.

But that's just not the case, Clausie. Far from it. I do think cell phones and digital cameras will continue to be the norm in media and the majority of the people like how simple and failproof digital is.

There are a lot of us that still shoot film almost exclusively. Many artists and photographers wouldn't think of using digital for real work. I live in New York and there is a huge community of film shooters here. We have dozens of labs that cater sell and develop film. Everytime I go to drop off film, there's at least one or two other s there dropping off or picking up rolls of film. The schools here still teach film.

As mentioed above APUG has over 50,000 members. There are hundreds of groups on Flickr devoted to shooting film and even specific cameras. The "I Shoot Film" group has over 65,000 regular members.

I've shot over 220 rolls of film this year and have dozens of rolls in my refridgerator. I just picked up 8 rolls of 120 film on Monday and developed two rolls this morning in my kitchen sink.

And even more promising, there is a whole generation of kids raised with digital cameras and cell phones who are discovering that there is just something special about film. I get a couple questions each week from teens and young people who are curious how to shoot film and where to get started. I developed an online guide to show people how to deelop their own film, because I had so many requests.

It's clear you're not an idiot and that you've shot a lot of film in your life, you're probably just like the rest of us- misinformed by the media. If you ever want to talk to someone who only shoots film and spends a good part of his time teaching and encouraging others how to shoot film, drop me an email at My website is

And get that battered old Nikon out of your bag! She probably still works. I'll even send you a few rolls of Tri-X.

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