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Basehor officer still on duty after DUI arrest

After looking over this and a few other cases with the BPD, my inclination is that BPD and the City Council need to get their business straight. Too much of this, to be frank, looks extremely questionable, and raises suspicion of at least mild corruption regarding discipline and retention policies. IF A POLICY IS TO BE ENFORCED IT MUST BE ENFORCED EQUALLY AND JUSTLY ACROSS THE BOARD. Lax discipline policy for a newer officer with an apparent connection, with a draconian approach to veteran officers with the integrity to call to accountability possible problems with the department IS NOT CONSISTENT. LEO'S ARE EXPECTED TO BE, AND RIGHTLY SHOULD BE HELD TO THE HIGHEST STANDARDS. STANDARDS THAT ARE NOT APPROPRIATELY ENFORCED, ESPECIALLY WHEN DEPARTMENTAL AND CITY POLITICS COME INTO QUESTION, ARE NOT STANDARDS AT ALL BUT RATHER BECOME CORRUPTED TOOLS OF BLIGHTED ADMINISTRATION. Perhaps given the circumstances of recent internal cases with this department and it's civic administration, and impartial third party review of current cases for example county officials who of course have jurisdiction over municipalities within their borders is appropriate.

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