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Council updates 2012 budget

Blimey! Just saw this...the same guy who's involved in a federal lawsuit and has questionable management skills as well as questionable people skills, while he's insisting that he remain the City's Interim City Administrator while at the same time he's insisting on being the City's Police Chief, is the same guy our tax dollars just got "approved" to pay him an extra $1000 per month raise! And there's no other comments on this prior to now?!?! Which is more outrageous - a guy without clean hands getting a raise who's got a conflict of interest, or nobody caring what he does any more to speak up, or the whole town was too busy working off Christmas presents like me and hasn't seen it yet! Travis agrees it was "supposed to be a temporary position," after putting out the word they were looking for applicants to replace him, and yet thinks the guy deserves more money after we just gave all of 'em a huge raise already. Guess you all down at City Hall like raping us peon residents. Shame on you!

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Former police officer sues city of Basehor, alleging wrongful termination

Basehor Sentinel, do you give/sell posters' IP addresses to people requesting them, or is this "johninbasehor" your employee who hacked them, or is he just mouthing off again?

3 IP addresses, 3 households, 3 people, with 3 user names, but 2 are the same person, and that makes it being one person running around to 3 different households using their computers to argue with themselves. Is that what you really intended to say above? If you want to make a threat about finding where posters live who disagree with you, the correct # of IP addresses should be 8, with 5 who seem to be in agreement with each other about wanting something done at city hall and asking for proof of above allegations against the whistleblower, and you 3 jokers who want all of us to go away in a balloon.

And you all are okay with the idea that our local officers could be called on a crime scene with empty shotguns in their car, just because "officer Jennifer" said in a prior post that it's ok, you just get the key to the ammo cabinet from the police chief or Lt. Pierce because they're available most of the time?

And the police chief is admitting that he's been "unfair" to officer Cory because he didn't want the former police chief Horner to hire him--well, who the H*** is he, the mafia boss, who has to be asked to hire somebody?

The chief also admits that Mary Mogel, the HR clerk, cost him $4,000 that he had to pay back (doesn't say the reason but hints that he wasn't supposed to have the 4-grand in the first place), and then Loughry is quoted as saying that's why officer Cory is having so much trouble, because he'd gone to Mary Mogel to file a hostile work environment, and "what happens in the Basehor PD stays in the Basehor PD."

Then there's the chief refusing to take a crime report from a Basehor caller who got both his social security card and money from his bank account stolen, griping with Lt. Pierce about spending budget money on rescuing a dying child, threatening the officer with his job if he doesn't sign a bogus write-up over some cockamamey "dirt investigation" done by Lt. Pierce against officer Cory just because his own son who worked for the city dumped dirt in the wrong place causing his son to get chewed out from his own supervisor, and last but not least, Loughry and Martley both refusing the officer any hearing, any appeal, or even having the city council be the final authority to determine if there should be a termination at all, as per the city's policy at that time.

Those are just the highlights of the above posted lawsuit, and the above 3 posters want to accuse 5 other posters of being only 1 or 2 people being mad, being insanely angry, being crazy, being negative, arguing among themselves, and "we know where you live cuz we got your IP addresses" type of BS.

And your duty as trolls is exactly what again--run off any posters who might expose too much? How much do they pay you, 30 pieces of silver?


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Former police officer sues city of Basehor, alleging wrongful termination

ProudOfOurCity: Thanks for the advice about taking a hot air balloon ride. Sounds like fun.

Do you, by any chance, work for the city, because it appears that you want all of this to just "go away," including anyone who asks questions?

For the purposes of this discussion, let's take your suggestion to its logical conclusion. If everyone in Basehor who was sick and tired of what's going on at City Hall were to leave, as you repeatedly suggest, consequently denying the city a tax base, where would city hall get a steady supply of suckers and useful idiots to keep the game going?

Balloon rides do not work, and ordering everybody to move out of town, won't work. Whadyasay? Got any better ideas?

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Former police officer sues city of Basehor, alleging wrongful termination

"just telling what I heard and saw on line"

Have been looking online myself and have not been able to find anything on the former officer who filed the lawsuit as being terminated elsewhere. Can you give a weblink to what you saw online?

As to what you've "heard," would assume you know somebody who's at the PD who's giving you information regarding his former jobs, rather than just heresay from around town, or making things up to just bash the guy for no reason.

Stating that this officer has been fired from two jobs, but without back-up facts and cited sources, can make you look like a total jerk, and I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt.

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Basehor City Council agenda includes $200,000 settlement with former administrator Loughry

Good question. Did Mertz-Dysart-Box-Hill-Loughry-Breuer-Miles, know about the legal documents before getting posted, and who posted them? How did they get those kinds of documents to post in the first place (former city attorney, former PD employee, etc.)?

Logic says they had to be part of the city somehow in order to have them to post on the website, so why wouldn't they have posted them for the public long before the recall?? Might have made a difference in the recall outcome if the public had known about those documents beforehand.

Example, 2 different sources, the former city attorney talks about the HR person getting fired by Loughry for doing her job, and then Loughry tried to mess up the severence pay to her and had to be corrected by the former city attorney, and then the former PD employee mentions the same thing about the HR clerk getting fired by Loughry for doing her job in that Nov. Notice of Claims.

Two different sources, neither appearing to be collaborating, makes it appear very credible. Therefore, why would the former city council refuse to be part of Loughry's "edited contract," but allow the HR person, the former PD employee, and the former city attorney to get screwed?

And we remember reading some previous poster named "basehordreams" mentioning that there have been several PD employees (including the former PD chief?!?!) screwed out of their job by the current chief. To my knowledge he's never answered the earlier posted questions about what training and experience he's had to be both city administrator and city chief, so who's his "puppet master" that got him both jobs, and keeping him there against all protocol, plus the "power" to screw other PD employees out of their jobs?

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New Basehor City Council member Ty Garver says he's looking forward

This quote from Basehor Sentinel>>>"Council members said McCommon was their top choice from nearly 40 applicants during a four-month search. McCommon, who will start May 14, replaces Mike Yanez, whose contract the council chose not to renew for 2012. Tonganoxie Mayor Jason Ward said Tuesday McCommon's annual salary would be $73,500 plus benefits."

40 applicants? That makes 39 of 'em still out there looking for a job, right?

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Basehor City Council meeting agenda: April 16

If you have ever read any history, the first thing you discover is that it is very common for governments to be taken over by white-collar organized crime. It happens all the time. It occurs, on a relatively small scale in towns like Basehor. It goes on in medium-size towns like Leavenworth. Chicago is notorious for having organized crime running the government for the last 100 years, or so. This is nothing unusual, I don't know anyone who is outside of the system who is looking in, that would be shocked by my saying this. Washington DC is even more infamous than Chicago. It has now become commonplace to refer to DC as the District of Criminals. Even the white-collar bureaucratic criminals who work in DC are not offended by this. The only people who do seem to be offended by what is going on in Basehor when we refer to them as "criminals" are the ones who are masquerading and playacting that they are not criminals and they would have us believe that the only thing that is wrong is that a couple of people here and there just "made a couple of mistakes" and they wish that everyone would "move on" with their lives and quit disapproving of them. Talk about your tax dollars at work: hiring and rehiring someone as a police lieutenant who is guilty of being a perpetrator pornographer is about as close as you can get to saying that: "You don't have to be well-versed in sexually explicit material to work here, but it sure helps!" The following quote really hits home, doesn't it? "In a closed [corrupt] society where everybody's guilty, the only crime is getting caught." ~Hunter S. Thompson.

Here's another quote that is very descriptive of what is happening in Basehor: "But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing. It behooves you, therefore, to be watchful in your States [and municipalities] as well as in the Federal Government." ~Andrew Jackson, Farewell Address, March 4, 1837. In Basehor, the defenders of the dishonest municipal government would change Andrew Jackson's sentiments to read as follows: "But you must remember, my fellow sheeple, that living in denial is the supreme virtue that we ask of all of our duped, mindless fellow sympathizers, and therefore, who are you going to believe, your lying eyes or your two-faced public servants? Do not scrutinize the criminal activities that occur down at City Hall because we are elitists and are cut out of different cloth than you are and we are incapable of admitting to any wrongdoing. You ungrateful unwashed wretches can therefore 'Love it or leave it.' My city right or wrong! My mother drunk or sober!" Yes sir! Fake patriotism is always the last refuge of the phony-plastic-banana-pencil-necked-geeks-white-collar career criminal [public overlords] otherwise known as wolves dressed in sheep's clothing.

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Basehor City Council to consider new scoreboards for sports complex

To: <ProudOfOurCity:> "Oh Lord! You must be related to LR or Mr. Washington. Give it a rest!" I respond: "keep throwing those sticks and stones." You must be related to Attila the Hun, Adolf Hitler, Che Guevarra, Pol Pot, and Idi Amin Dada, et al if you are defending what goes on down there at City Hall. It requires an IQ of more than 25 to respond to the arguments presented here, but it requires zero intelligence to attack the messenger. I defy any of you to address the actual arguments that have been presented against the corruption that is known to be occurring at City Hall. You can smell the stench of it four counties away. And those of you who work there can't smell it? I will answer for you. Those who accuse ordinary citizens of wrongdoing when they speak out against this kind of thuggery do it because "they" are the spawn of delusional authoritarians whom they prefer to unquestioningly serve in the capacity of water boys. These parasites cloak themselves with a pseudo mantle of respectability by masquerading as "public servants" and they take pleasure in wearing uniforms and shiny badges and they also like to list worthless titles after their names, and fancy job descriptions, but inwardly they are ambitious and aspiring ladder climbers who will do anything to cover up and apologize for the extra-large tapeworms that they work for every day. They are extremely willing to obey illegal and unconstitutional orders from "higher-ups" in order to get ahead in the system.

Police officers swear an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. How many of them actually do it? They seem to do very well when it comes to defending their fellow parasites and tapeworms. I saw a headline on the Drudge Report today that states that: "Cop killings rise 75% since 2009..." This is a no-brainer: People are not fond of police states and dictatorships. No dissent is allowed in Fascist America. And yet, ironically, an increasing number of "police officers" are leaving it, in coffins. As for the rest of the police officers, the most life-threatening thing that you do on a daily basis consists mostly of eating donuts, which contain large quantities of high fructose corn syrup, sugar, aspartame and MSG [monosodium glutamate], all of which are known neurotoxins. Since most of you cannot write a logically structured sentence and punctuate it properly, it must be affecting your IQs. Conclusion: you elitists are not as elite as you fancy yourselves to be. Can you even spell the word "incompetent?" In the private sector you could never get a real job because you don't produce anything of value. You however, are a legend in your own mind. I sincerely hope you keep believing your own press releases. That is the very thing that resulted in the demise of every dictator who finally met their "Waterloo."

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Basehor City Council to consider new scoreboards for sports complex

In the Kansas State Constitution, provisions are made that protect the citizen's right to live under a government that contains all of the duly constituted "separation of powers" features. These features are lacking in Basehor's municipal government at the current time. And this has been going on for years. The parasites of City Hall are constitutionally illiterate and willfully corrupt. You have a Chief of Police who is also the Acting City Administrator. The Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial all seem to encroach on each other and perform the functions that do not belong exclusively to themselves.

There needs to be a public forum provided by this newspaper that addresses this issue specifically, to remedy this sorry situation.

It is pathetic that people have to resort to using the comment section of an article that was written about providing a scoreboard for the recreational facility and it ends up becoming a forum that is being used to discuss the "Boss Hogg Syndrome" with which the city government seems to be so afflicted with.

The problem is not having enough money. The real problem is not having enough integrity. City Hall doesn't have a revenue problem; they have a spending problem. We need a forum that addresses this very topic and discuss it until these parasites decide to knock it off and get somebody in there that is willing to be controlled by the constitutional restraints that should always have been in place from the very beginning.

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Basehor City Council to consider new scoreboards for sports complex

Have been wondering why the chief of police is working off-duty at extra events, apparently taking it away from his own lesser-paid officers. It is obvious where the chief’s loyalties lie, and it does not appear to be to the city, his officers, or the people of Basehor. His TRIPPLE-DIPPING as chief, city administrator, and off-duty extra pay would explain why there is no hurry to get an honest and qualified person to start running the city administrator’s job. Duh…

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