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Basehor-Linwood High School wins National Blue Ribbon Schools honor


This is an outstanding award that should be celebrated by the students and faculty. Great job BLHS!

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Basehor pays Loughry $200,000, issues apology in settlement

Well it appears that contracts must be honored in spite of what our former council members believed! It's really too bad that Dennis Mertz, Fred Box, and Iris Dysart didn't have to read that public apology themselves. Hopefully our city and community have learned a lesson from this exercise. Best of luck to Mr. Loughry and his family.

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Basehor City Council eyeing pay bump for employees

"The Basehor Police Chief grossed almost $100k last year. just a few years ago the chief in Basehor made less then $50k......All while the police officers live in poverty at 1/3 (one third) his salary."

The above quote from Dennis Mertz is simply not true. The Chief did not gross almost $100,000. That might be the total cost to employ him but to say that he grossed that amount is a complete lie. We see through you Dennis.....give it up.

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Basehor City Council eyeing pay bump for employees

Dennis is at it again, always trying to confuse the situation by misleading. Gross costs on your spreadsheet include social security, medicare, unemployment insurance and worker comp costs for employees. That is the cost of doing business! I don't believe any sane person would consider this as part of their salary or benefits but we obviously aren't dealing with reality. Dennis Mertz was fired from the city council and he continues to show us why!

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Basehor Recall Election Central

Wake up mckinley.....cause you must be dreaming. There will be no legal troubles for either Terry or Mark, trust me on this one! You may want to attend the next meeting to see who gets appointed....I'm doubting it will be you. ;-)

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Basehor residents turn out in droves to recall mayor, 2 council members


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Basehor Recall Election Central

I would reflect on this vote as vindication for Mark Loughrey! The original two council members who were put on the ballot are no more! I'm hopeful Basehor can finally move forward.

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Basehor residents turn out in droves to recall mayor, 2 council members

mckinley2010......where are you? I guess you've gotten quiet since you've seen the results! Congrats to councilman Breuer and Miles!!! HA!

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Questions and answers on Feb. 28 Basehor recall election

Really, I heard he already has a job in municipal government. Why would he drop the suit now? In fact, he got the job in spite of Mertz and his cronies! I think that should tell all of "your crowd" something about Loughrey's abilities.

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Letter: Mertz addresses recall charges

So Dennis, why not follow the "ethical and fiduciary" process to terminate the city administrator's contract? You demonize the mayor and administrator for ignoring policy and then YOU turn around and do the same EXACT thing! The contract had a procedure to dismiss the administrator but you were to inept/ignorant to follow it.

We don't want Mertz as mayor. Please vote to recall him!

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