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Questions and answers on Feb. 28 Basehor recall election

I don't necessarily agree completely but I am in agreement that Mertz's move was definitely a 'power' move! Seriously folks, do we really want Dennis Mertz as Mayor of Basehor??? Not anyone I've talked to lately. Can't wait to see all of those stupid signs gone too!

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Questions and answers on Feb. 28 Basehor recall election

Good Lord! If the Mayor gets recalled and Dennis Mertz doesn't, Mertz becomes Mayor! I hope our good citizens of Basehor realize that we don't want this egomaniac to become Mayor. Vote "YES" for Mertz!

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Mayor cries foul over 'wasteful spending' accusations

Recall Dennis Mertz! He is a cancer on the council and needs to go!

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Letter: Basehor mayor addresses recall charges

Coming from the guy who does his "due dilligence" that is surprising you didn't realize this. I guess it goes to show either your lack of following through or your incompetence. I think we know which one it is! Keep commenting Dennis, it will help our efforts.

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Letter: Basehor mayor addresses recall charges

LTDC: As if the other side isn't speaking half truths? Attributing all the credit card expenditures to the Mayor. Hell, even our local reporter called them out on that lie today!

Also, you are dreaming if you believe any charges will be filed, let alone a felony! Instead, there will more than likely be more taxpayer money spent on a lawsuit that could have been avoided!!!

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Basehor mayor will be part of Feb. 28 recall election


I wasn't speaking of the lawsuit instead I was discussing the ridiculousness of the recall petitions. What I was trying to make clear is that had the termination clause been followed we wouldn't have this pettiness, more than likely a resignation. Unfortunately, many are not going to understand the harm that Mertz/Dysart/Box have caused our City.

Also, if you are insinuating that there is going to be an arrest, you really are in a dream!!!

Please remember that Mertz and Dysart are not connected at the hip. I'm hopeful our good citizens will make the right decision on the 28th.

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Basehor mayor will be part of Feb. 28 recall election


Is it true that Mertz, Dysart and Box didn't follow the termination clause in the former city administrators contract??? Had they done so, I would bet we wouldn't be facing all of this ridiculousness.

Voters.....please remember that Dysart/Mertz are not necessarily connected. You can vote to recall one and not the other. The only way Mertz survives this recall will be by hanging onto Dysart's coattails!

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Former Basehor administrator Loughry suing city for more than $500,000

I just read the claim notice from Mr. Loughry's attorney and I have come to the conclusion that Dennis Mertz should resign immediately! Dennis is an embarrassment to Basehor and his meddling will not only cost taxpayers financially but he is damaging the reputation of our city by his continued presence on the council. He evidently believes that by commenting on the online articles, he is somehow justifying his actions. However, after reading the claim notice, it is obvious that he has helped make Mark's case against the city that much stronger.

Do everyone a favor Dennis and resign immediately. If not, I guess I'll wait and vote all of you out on February 28th!

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New recall petition targets Basehor mayor; group alleges misuse of public funds

Becky you should really stop posting until you can learn how to use punctuation! I'm not surprised to hear that from Taxman. I'm sure this is public record and I believe Dennis could do everyone a favor by resigning ahead of the recall!!!

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Subdivision requests city grant for playground in memory of 9-year-old

I don't really see what one has to do with the other. Are you suggesting that requesting funds, which are already built into the budget, to construct a playground in memory of a deceased 9 year old, has anything to do with the recall petition? I'm glad to see Box, Breuer and Mertz state they are in favor. I'm especially glad to see Mertz rise above the fray, which I'm sure, in part, has to do with the recall petition.

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