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Basehor police officers honored at council meeting

Great job guys! This is why I continue to support the police in basehor. Also, kudos to council for taking time to recognize them!

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Basehor officer unscathed after suspect fires shots

Mzr... You act like u are trying do a great service to the community, when clearly you and LR are more concerned with a terminated former officer and his law suite. So please stop trying take credit from a young officer and the rest of the officers who did a great job, by bringing up your personal issues with the city. Self made a mistake that thousands If Americans make every night. He got caught. That has nothing to do with this article. And neither does a lawsuit! It is sad that you cant be happy for others because u two are so miserable.

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Basehor officer unscathed after suspect fires shots

Great job all police involved! No reported injuries and all bad guys caught! I don't care how self got there but I am glad he was.

Mzr..... I have had a DUI. I lost driving privliges for 30 days. This is an article about a great effort from all police involved and you turned it against the chief and officer? Clearly a personal vendetta against the city for some reason.

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Breuer, Box win primary

No I am not on council, nor do I work for the city in any way. However, I do support Basehor as much as possible. When I thought something was wrong I voted to correct it. (the recall) I am happy with our council as it is and I am happy with Box or Bruer as mayor. It just looks to me that some people will never be happy unless they are complaining. I have got into this "do you work for the city" guessing game before with people on this site. That is why I didn't comment for awhile. Apparently we are back to that. So I will see you all at the polls if you even get away from your keyboard and stop complaining long enough to vote! God Bless

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Breuer, Box win primary

I see approximately 6-10 people here complaining about our current mayor and/or council. However, I only seen 4 names on the primary mayor ballot and we have 2 council members running unopposed! If you want change soooo bad, make changes. If you just like to complain, keep doing what you are doing on a website that has absolutely no connection to the city of Basehor's government. You can log on here and use big words and famous quotes that make you feel good about yourself. Until any of the complainers are on a mayor ballot or council ballot I will have a hard time taking them serious. Good luck Basehor!

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Breuer, Box win primary

In one post you complain that not everybody had a chance to vote. I don't argue that the voting date was a mess that NOBODY could predict. However, your very next post you complain about a vote (recalling Mertz) that took place in good weather and the majority spoke loud in clear.? Just because a vote doesn't go the way you want, that doesn't mean it was improper or unjustified. If you're looking for a good seat to watch what you call the collapse of a city, I reccomend sitting in another city while we continue to push through tough times.

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Breuer, Box win primary

If you dont like our city or country, pack up and leave! The city is growing and developing after a few years of finacial downfalls. I am proud to live here. I am proud to know people in ALL areas of our city. Best of luck to both candidates. I know both well and either way our city is on the right track!

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Basehor news: A year in review

Happy New Year!

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Basehor-Linwood High School wins National Blue Ribbon Schools honor

Keep up the hard work everybody! Well Done

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Basehor City Council moving ahead with city administrator search

Was beginning to worry about MzR and/or LR... Been a couple days since they had a negative comment. Never seen such a negative couple of people in my life. How is that quote talking down to council? Council is not a full time position. These people have jobs and lives outside of chambers. 200 applicants would be a lot to do only meeting once or twice a month.

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