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Basehor City Council to consider new scoreboards for sports complex

The chief has done nothing but good for this department. He has taken on other jobs given to him by the city with no complaints. He is there for his officers no matter what problems they are having. He strives to make this department better everyday. The problem is the citizens of Basehor only care about the officers when they need to call them, but any other time they could care less. These officers are what keeps the citizens safe and what keeps this community the way it is "safe and a quite place to live and raise a family" For what these officer give to this city it is time that the city gives back to them for once. I call on every person in the city of Basehor to contact the mayor and tell him that our offices deserve to be paid at a rate that they to can support their families and be at home on their time off instead of working second jobs to support their families and pay the bills. I know that the people of Basehor will not follow through with this because " hey who cares those officers chose that job" But those officers kiss their kids and wife goodbye everyday they leave for work because they know that might be the day they loose their life for the citizens of Basehor!!!

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Basehor City Council to consider new scoreboards for sports complex

My question to the city council is what are you spending money on scoreboards when your police officers don't get paid close to the other cities in the area. Your department has lost seven officers over the last four years. This city lost three officers within a month of each other to go work at a cosino because they paid more money, so they don't have to work two jobs to pay their bills. These officers put on a bullet proof vest and carry a gun and would give their lifes for the people of Basehor, but they have to work two jobs to pay their bills. If this council does not help these officer this city will continue to lose officer to casinos and fedex because they have to pay their bills.

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