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Basehor police officers honored at council meeting

Congratulations you three, job well done!

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Basehor officer unscathed after suspect fires shots

Don't at all disagree with you! I've seen some pretty wild comments on these blogs over the past good many years that haven't received this kind of attention. I am very supportive of you stepping up and moderating. The past year or so I have changed my thinking after reading some of these posts and frustration and doing my own research. Because of this I No longer have faith in our current City Council. I believe everyone here has shown support for this article and officer Self. Some are sharing their opinion about certain leaders and actions as they relate to this article. I don't see anything wrong with that or with you responding. You seem to always ask for information this is a great place to get it. Keep up the good work and again glad to see everyone was okay!

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City’s audit results are positive

Nice work Corey! You have always been very professional and it seems like you always try your best to get people what they need. Thank you and keep up the good work Sir.

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Basehor officer unscathed after suspect fires shots

I have not read anything that isn't supportive of officer Self or could be construed as inappropriate. People have every right to express their frustrations over: ignoring problems, overlooking corruption, a lack of reporting, lack of follow up, or the lack of actions to correct problems within the city government. Everyone has congratulated and thanked officer Self. I haven't seen any wild statements or false information on here. I have seen some questions and some things that are fact, even the glue comment. ( You have to do your own research )

I fail to see how stating this is an Example of why a city needs to be prepared, relating to not dealing with whatever problems need to be addressed, talking about concerns regarding the Chief of Police / administrator, asking for clarification regarding the amount of officers and Being Supportive of officer Self is somehow inappropriate. If these comments are NOT appropriate then this is truly a public relations article. I've lived in this town a long time and I've realized one thing. The city has a bigger shovel than any of us and they only use it when it suits them.

It is a good and well written article. I also got the feeling I was reading a public relations statement because of the quotes not because of the writing. I was also wondering why only two officers chased and were able to apprehend 3 suspects when the chase started in Kansas City, Kansas. I talked with a sheriff's deputy today from Jackson County, he also had the same questions as some of us. The sentinel and the City Council need to realize that people are frustrated. If you speak out in the City Council you're labeled, if you speak out on this website, you're insulted. At one point some were even threatened regarding IP addresses. But if you're the Mayor, former administrator, Martley or the city council, it's change the subject, move on, and it's not even worth talking about or writing about!!!!!!

I don't always agree with mzr, but at least she doesn't make excuses without rhyme or reason and protect vehemently people who do inappropriate or corrupt things.

"If you're not doing anything wrong, openness and ethics is never ever a problem". Former Captain

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Basehor officer unscathed after suspect fires shots

1st, it sounds like officer Self did a fine job!!! FYI, I was pointing out shotguns as standard equipment and the need for good training, But Good Point!! Per MzR.. ( "Now maybe the Basehor Chief/Administrator can see that this real-life example is a prime reason WHY the officers need to be prepared at all times, with vehicles repaired with something besides glue, having loaded guns, etc." ) Glue! WTH.......Yes, very one sided. So blatantly obvious once you actually pay attention...... Glad to see this positive story made the Sentinel's Facebook page.

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Basehor officer unscathed after suspect fires shots

Good job, glad the officers are OK! In all seriousness it makes a big difference when the officers are taken care of and have the proper equipment like shotguns and good training. We are glad the city is putting money into training and purchasing new equipment! Nice work Guys! Stay safe.

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Council works to tie up loose ends

Nice to see that the important "loose ends" are getting handled. ( I am glad for the BHS, needed )

Unfortunately this town council is so disappointing and sadly is obviously lacking in leadership, Openness and professionalism!

Leadership, like allowing your friend to play police Chief and city administrator for obvious reasons; we won't even talk about all the NEW cars and Toys! Openness, like how quiet they are about anything negative that gets past their little safety net Running The City! Professionalism, like a police commander rolling around town with a darn KU tag on a city owned vehicle for years. ( Reported twice ) Ignoring a Chief that is very much OK with a NEW police officer getting a DUI and the revolving door that is BPD.
( I could go on and on)

Our new City Motto " If you can't hide it or lie about it; just pretend it Never Happened." Like the Mayor's and City Administrator's supporters always say " Just Get Out if you don't like it." As soon as I can get a new assignment our house will join the other two new sales in our neighborhood along with the other three that have been up for sale FOR YEARS!! JoCo here we come. Wake Up!

This town needs to change or all the positive things that have happened in the past six to eight years are gone along with this town's Reputation, Again! At least Johnson Co. has city leaders that don't tolerant repeated bad decisions, reward them with raises, and give them the key to the city for two years. WTH! I wish just one of you Council members had the Guts to at least say I'm looking into the problems, not just keep pretending there is none.

We ( my wife and I ) picked Basehor for its rural charm, close to Leavenworth, and the schools. But I'll be darned if I live in a town where people and the elected officials don't care about Wrong and Right!

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UPDATE: BLHS student dies after vehicle collision

Our prayers are with the girls & there family.

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Basehor officer still on duty after DUI arrest

I know it's Sad. I always thought Basehor would be home, but I will not rase my children in a place like this. Johninbasehor is definitely getting his way we just lost another neighbor very recently. This city needs help but no one seems to want to admit that. No one cares about anything or anybody, unless you're in the club like our former city administrator. It's amazing how many articles and follow up articles you get when the city wants your information out! Thank God the Sentinel actually printed something not edited or approved by the city! Well sir, glad to finally meet you especially since I'm apparently part of your gang. :-/

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Basehor officer still on duty after DUI arrest

We all know about the police department " all obligations were met" enough said. I'll say this we have one of the BEST fire departments in Leavenworth County, in my opinion. Keep up the good work guys!!! LR, I have lived in this town a long time and one thing that city hall has always been good at is filtering what gets out, its usually only the stuff they want to get out!

Yes the young officer made a mistake, hell I think most of us did when we were his age. Being in the Army I can tell you I would have had some drastic & dire consequences not only criminally but under the UCMJ. I would have lost quite a bit and I wasn't acting as a city police officer either. He is not the only one that needs to clean up!

I wonder why we have lost three close neighbors and have five houses still for sale in the past year and a half. Our next door neighbor said and I quote, " ....... & I are sick of this council thinking we don't need to know what's going on in OUR city, and I'll be damned if I'm going to raise my family with a bunch of good ol boys running everything! " I will second that. By the way in almost a year only one of those houses sold. WAKE UP city Council!

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