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Breuer elected as Basehor mayor

oops! "Short man"

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Breuer elected as Basehor mayor

Meghan: the "little man"comment on the VFW Hall story gave the wife and I good laugh, Thanks. She said and I quote "I wish". Lol,, Sorry for not responding sooner. I was getting ready for weapons training yesterday, wasn't able to respond. I may not agree with some peoples opinions regarding hiding things from the public! But, I will support whoever is elected by the people the best I can.

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Breuer elected as Basehor mayor

Congratulations on your victory, sincerely. My boss currently is President Obama. I may not agree with things he's done. But, I still respect democracy and the fact that he is currently our / my commander and chief. I hope you are everything that your supporters said you are and can START leading the city into a better and brighter future. Good Luck Sir!

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Basehor officer still on duty after DUI arrest

Rong.....I just shared your post with a buddy of mine who's a CEO & was involved with human resources also for many, many years as well. When he got done Laughing, he said this person's either lying, protecting someone, or has worked for their parents for way too long. Rong please, keep sharing your wisdom about keeping us ( the citizens & Tax payers ) in the dark, regarding City problems, unlawful actions, & concerns. The only way keeping us in the dark helps anybody is protecting the people we selected or are paying to do a job and are supposed to ACT in the best interest of the city! This is what I like to call common sense.

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Basehor VFW's future is up in the air

People like you never will. Yeah, you're right, you don't have to donate. I don't hold it against anybody for not donating. They're just not getting on here and showing a lack of concern for veterans. Self absorbed much. I went overseas to protect the rights of people like you. So that you can speak freely, regardless if I agree, disagree, or think it's completely absurd. I will never regret that choice! God Bless America, God bless our veterans, and the men and women who trying to keep this VFW afloat. Have Happy Easter and try to remember It not about you! Lol

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Basehor officer still on duty after DUI arrest

Rong ( wrong wrote ) "disciplinary action for any ((( infraction ))) is covered by the personnel policies in place at the time. Those policies are in place for a reason, to protect the city and the employee. These policies are in place for the protection of every citizen of the city. " ARE YOU KIDDING ME! If the Council know about this (( DOUBTFUL )) then God help Basehor!

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Basehor VFW's future is up in the air

Thanks for making my point! Do you even think before you type? I just feel bad for you guys or ladies! As were on the subject of unappreciated sacrifices, Happy Easter! "Members of this club should be the ones supporting it." Sad, just sad!

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Basehor VFW's future is up in the air

Please if you have a suggestion for a building that is cheaper and has the same space or more by all means enlighten us. Honestly and regrettably this is the only town I've lived in that seems to have a lack of local business support for its nonprofit organizations. I donate have you? Wait, according to your post that would "wear"out everyone and is just a waste of money and apparently unnecessary to you? You listen to reason. Shameful!

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Basehor VFW's future is up in the air

John there you go again beating the same drum and leaving out a bunch of information. You with out a doubt spend very little time caring or educating yourself on what's actually going on in the city. It's the same old crap. Ok, then! I prefer my Mayor not to throw temper fits and throw stuff when they're upset at a meeting. I would prefer not having a Mayor who owns half of the city along with miles ( have no problem with any of Miles ) and is a major contractor within the same city. Who's family has a history of hiring themselves and cutting corners. ( See 4 comments down ) By the way this article is about helping the VFW hall! If you have a suggestion that would be incredible.

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Basehor VFW's future is up in the air

Glad you're going to have a discussion let me start out with sharing my God awful sense of humor. If I haven't made the sale with the FACTS and information presented, truth be told I probably won't. So,, NO SOUP FOR YOU!! ( Seinfeld )

Now on a serious note I've done work in the recent years with different VFW Halls and numerous veterans charities in the area and some outside of Kansas. A lot plays into whether or not a non-profit is successful especially a VFW. The City's Support and the number of citizens and quite frankly businesses that help support that institution. Why are some VFW successful ask the Business Owners. Who owns the main business in Basehor? Are they supportive of the VFW? ** It only takes 1 or 2 businesses contributing $100 or $300 a month to determine whether hey VFW or any other non-profit is successful. ( Tax Deductible, if they cannot afford that I don't want to hear how successful they are! ) Do we have as many businesses as Tonganoxie? We both know we don't..... Just think about it.

Yes, it takes courage to stand up and say I will not be a party to this corruption any more!
( Common Sense ) If he was a quitter he would not be trying to obtain the position of Mayor! Bottom line, I change my vote because I want to see if what he said is true and if he is going to put a stop to it and be completely upfront with all of Us!

Now whether you agree or disagree, I guess you can still have some soup. lol *** No matter who people vote for, I just hope people actually get out and vote this time!!

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