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Basehor VFW's future is up in the air

First and foremost how about doing what my family has done in the past and done also this year! Donate to the VFW hall. You know people that good for the community!

By the way, it's called information. I didn't accuse anybody. ( I see what people mean. It's the same tired old rhetoric ) You talk to me about smoke screens. I mean look at you both. You have to use an article talking about a non for profit organization in need of the communities help to try and get your little point across, Sad!

Those men have kept the Hall running for years and years with very little donations and help from the public! Thanks to those that do actually care and or donate. I'll repeat my first statement. It is "pathetic" you have to use an article about helping veterans as your pulpit! If this is the best you got good luck. David Breuer May very well win, but you guys are certainly showing your true colors. This is only 1 of several things I could throw out. If you want to support people like this go for it......

((Suburban Water Company agrees to lower rates, stop purchases of personal items))
By Matt Erickson
August 3, 2012

Allowing for extra perks for employees and family members might not be unusual for a small family business, Christopher said. But a utility has higher standards when it comes to accounting, she said, because higher costs translate to higher rates for customers.

“It’s a family, and it’s a business,” Christopher said. “And the problem is they weren’t separating the business expenses and the family as well as they should.”

Breuer said the company agreed that some of the procedures identified in the agreement sprang from the fact that it was a private, family business, and that the company recognized the need to follow the same procedures a public utility would.

Another concern, Christopher said, was that the company did not have a formal bidding process for choosing repair and maintenance contractors and purchasing equipment and materials. Some Suburban customers had raised concerns about the company’s awarding of contracts, she said, because several of its vendors are also owned by members of the Breuer family. But Christopher said that was not a problem in itself.Friday,

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Basehor VFW's future is up in the air

If you honestly think running a business is equal to being able to keep, I say again keep a nonprofit organization going as long as Fred and others have is a weakness. Then reasoning with you is out the question.

If you think standing up and saying that you are not going to the party to corruption anymore is weak, and not confronting any of the obvious problems is strong. I'm SO Glad I changed my vote for Mayor!! Because that's exactly what I see going on currently.

There are a 1000 of these stories, but maybe this will help you understand why people have a problem with 2 major city leaders owning most of the large businesses in town.
( Nepotism laws )

( 1 ) Rita A. Rhoads had been mayor since 2008. On Monday, Prosecutor Eric Zahnd filed a civil action to remove Rhoads from office for violating the Missouri Constitution’s ban on nepotism. Rhoads agreed to pay $100 to her son-in-law to fix a city sign despite knowing that the law prohibited her from hiring him to do work for the city, Zahnd said. Circuit Judge Owens Lee Hull Jr. found that Rhoads violated the state constitution and removed her from office. A city employee had warned Rhoads that she could not hire her son-in-law, but she persisted anyway, authorities said “I don’t care,” Rhoads purportedly responded. “They need the money.”
( July 14 BY GLENN E. RICE The Kansas City Star )

( 2 ) Allegations of nepotism are nothing new in Kansas government. In fact, the 1991 anti-nepotism law itself was inspired by Gov. Joan Finney's hiring of her daughter, Mary Holladay, as chief of staff. In a state with a relatively small population and an even smaller group of elites, the same business leaders, lobbyists and politicians bump into each other on a regular basis.......
Sometimes, Kansas politics seems like a clannish affair. Close relationships sometimes get politicians in trouble. ( Posted: By John Hanna The Associated Press )

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Basehor officer still on duty after DUI arrest

Very well spoken! Excellent comment.

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Basehor officer still on duty after DUI arrest

Paul: stated ..."Any other Department and he would have been fired. I think he is still on Duty because his Daddy is a Sergeant at the Mission Ks Police Department." //That's good information. I don't think we need a personal attack on this young man. I know a lot of officers, this is highly unusual especially if he's a new officer. ( ? )

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Basehor VFW's future is up in the air

Rong: your comment is disgraceful, Desperate, and pathetic. Comparing running a non profit organization (( during a recession )) that helps veterans to being mayor of our city. If David has any honor he would get on here and give his own remarks. Shameful!

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Basehor officer still on duty after DUI arrest

OMG, It's called my wife, and a couple of our neighbors! I have never met this Washington guy you keep bringing up over, and over, and over. You absolutely crack me,, oops I mean us ( the Washington gang ) up, it's to the point now that everything you write is a complete joke! Please get a different teleprompter for God sake! Now back on point, everyone needs to pay attention to what's actually going on and stop playing sides. This is not High School John!

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Basehor officer still on duty after DUI arrest

Johninbasehor: It disturbs us how hypocritical you are. By your own logic I should feel bad for voting on recalling the prior City Council members. I don't know what your connection is to the city, but it's obvious its skewed something terrible. It is possible you're the best example of the uneducated voter! "Those without sin cast the first stone." Holy God, you crack me up!

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Identify theft on the rise in Basehor

LR... Funny but on a serious note it's a little unnerving.
SAD... It's unfortunate that you've become a victim twice.
Both comments are excellent!
Many years ago I was a specialist in the Army and we had a really good captain. But 2 years after I joined the company this captain who was very transparent, believed in honesty, integrity and an excellent communicator was promoted.
We got a new captain who had no communication skills, very little field experience and constantly tried to sweep things under the rug so his company would looked good. The unit went downhill. We had many good soldiers leave for other companies or units, I heard that even some soldiers were hurt during Desert Storm possible because of a lack of training or leadership. Soldiers finally got involved and from what I heard he was transferred. The unit begin to grew under the command of the 3rd captain and regained its reputation. If you're above statements are true I think this analogy applies.

If you don't get involved or ask questions about people who are in charge. Who will challenge them? Worse yet who are they going to get hurt if they have total control like your chief / administrator?

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Taking the lead

Good job! Doing what you love in life is important. Make sure when you get back you do something special or have your own prom with your friends and family. Good luck!

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