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Horses pulling up lame at auction

It is interesting that Jennifer Saffer cites closure of the slaughterhouses as the reason for problems in the equine world. Her comment is, at best, both simplistic and uninformed. There are truckloads of subtlety that play into the current issues the equine industry is facing. Slaughterhouse closure is not one of them. Here's why: check the numbers of horses slaughtered. They are, in fact, the same and trending upward. The demand for horses being slaughtered in the U.S. has NOT ended. Only the final place of slaughter has. Killer buyers are still buying horses at auctions at the same number as last year because the same number of horses that were being killed in slaughter houses before the ban in the U.S. are being killed after the ban elsewhere. So, if that number has remained the same, then this "increase" in abandoned horses because there is no horse slaughtering is highly suspect and seems more to fit the private agenda of those people who actually hope to turn a profit off the flesh of horses. I suspect that they are upset to think that they cannot eek every last nickel out of even the babies that they breed indiscriminately even when the market and economic trends will not support breeding.

I pity any horse that is owned by these kind of people. Clearly, they care nothing about the horses they are breeding and raising, but you don't necessarily have to love horses to be appalled by descriptions of the extreme suffering that they are put through during their slaughter.

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