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Parking on 141st becomes one-sided debate

It is interesting that the concerns that we are hearing about are on the south end of 141st street in Falcon Lakes, yet the photographer chose to take a picture of vehicles parked on Pine Valley Court (north end in a cul-de-sac). I am pretty confident the issue isn't on Pine Valley Court (I know my neighbors pretty well and if they wanted that black pickup moved, they would ask me!) It seems to me if the photographer couldn't find vehicles parked on both sides of 141st for this story and had to resort to taking pictures of vehicles that are not in question on the opposite side of Falcon Lakes, there must not be much of a problem. In the five years that I have lived in this addition, I have seen multiple emergency vehicles, trash trucks, etc. go down 141st and the cul-de-sacs and have yet to see one that could'nt get where they needed to be.

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