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Martley: Click It or Ticket just around the corner

You actually expect the Chief to drop everything including keeping hundreds of drivers and passengers including children safe to worry about a disgruntled ex-employee that got fired? That's ridiculous! Keep up the good work Chief! LR should be embarassed of his/her post!

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Basehor City Council to consider new scoreboards for sports complex

Sooooo.. any word on the scoreboard? A lot of you people are blood thirsty and hatefilled people. The article is about SCOREBOARDS FOR CHLDREN!!!!! Your comments are about porn, physical romances, and termination!

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Basehor City Council to consider new scoreboards for sports complex

I hope the kids get the new scoreboards!
Yes folks, the article is about scoreboards for our children!! LR and Erik, nobody wants to know who slept with who. Anyways, please folks let's try to get the kids some nice fields and equipment to play on! It is very hard to see the score on those tiny scoreboards! Let's get them something we can all be proud of! Then go support the kids and have fun at our newly aquired complex! Excellent job by the way on the purchase of the complex. I dont mind paying to park when the money goes right back to my own city.
P.S. Erik you sound a lot like Mertz in his older posts trying to meet up with people instead of having rational discussions on the forum "we can sit down and have a lovely visit". If my memory serves me right from my previous court appearance (I was late for work and speeding... oops :)) you very much resemble Mr. Mertz. Any relation? I know random, but I was curious.

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