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Gilstrap bows to challenger in 5th District

Too bad Kultala took out long-time Senator Gilstrap- having met him several times at district/county activities he's a pretty nice (and informed) guy. Guess the Governor was able to pour enough money and sway enough hard-core Democrats to throw him overboard-- think there were only 4000 or so total votes between them. With such small turnout it should be a heck of a battle in November against Fitzgerald. His principles, positions and ideas against her money and Governor's backing.

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Candidates make their cases for offices at forum

Thanks VFW & Basehor Sentinel for the forum/forum coverage.

Since our part of the state is so heavily pro-military /military retiree I would think Democrat primary contestants for KS Senate 5 would take every opportunity to at least appear interested in meeting constituents here and listening to our views. Glad to see Mr Fitzgerald there but I guess his Wyandotte-based opponents don't care a whole lot about the Leavenworth part of their district. Sure, everyone is busy but forums don't come along that often. I'll be looking for a representative that at least cares to show up, express themselves and take questions from the people they'll represent.

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Democrats' new day

History, in "history of tolerance" above is the operative word. It's been a long, long, long time since the Democrat Party has tolerated any normal or moderate positions. They've been taken over by kooks hyping global warming BS that's causing job losses in Kansas and job/business relocations to surrounding states and ultimately will increase our electric rates paying for all those windmills. SEN Gilstrap's votes look like common sense votes to me-- anytime someone, especially a Democrat, wants to limit taxes is a good thing for any voter/citizen. But since the govornor and Dem. Hensley don't trust their own party Senator, and a representative should represent us, not be the govornor's puppet, I guess that means we should give them their wish and vote for the other party (Fitzgerald, I think) and really make their day.

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Governor endorses Gilstrap's Democratic opponent

A little dust-up among the Kansas Dems... I guess all their talk about being the Big Tent party and accepting alternative views is just that. Gilstrap is one of the few Dems with a Pro-life and pro-business (electric plant expansion) track record. Too bad the governor can't stand Dems voting her way less than 100% of the time-- 92% (Gilstrap's record) just wasn't enough.

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