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Mayoral primary voting off to slow start

The paper reporter states that the streets are cleared in order of those most traveled according to the city's emergency snow route . What about the city of Basehor streets , we have jobs, we need to get out too. Basehor streets are traveled was your street cleaned..

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Breuer, Box win primary

I waited, and waited for the Basehor snow plow to come down my street, but never did come. I waited till 4:00 o'clock. I had my neighbor drive me up to vote. We drove around the town, streets were not clean, A car could not get around on the side streets. WHERE WAS THE STREET CREWS. Out at falcon Lake, cleaning the streets, 2 trucks were there cleaning the streets, but not the Basehor streets. Who cares that the in town peoples cant's get to the polls to vote. Where was the other 2 city trucks cleaning streets , The city crews did a better job of removing snow last thursday then Tuesday, did it have anything to do with the election Day. BASEHOR CITZENS CALL CITY HALL ABOUT THE STREETS 913-724-1370 They came down my street at 8"00 o'clock last night. The snow quit around 10:00 o'clock that morning. Thanks

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Mayor reflects on city's accomplishments in address

You don't need a lot of educated people on the council , they just need common sense. The council now have high ideas on how to spend the taxpayers money. Giving big raises to the employees and to chief marley, what happenedto the small town that i moved to years ago, The council and the chief Marley and Mayor Breuer wants a big town. Let them move to a big town.

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Basehor City Council gives employees pay bump

She must be a good person.

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Basehor City Council gives employees pay bump

to the citzens of basehor Mr. Healy saided in the paper to take small bites of the apple. I think the council members ate the whole apple. miles is always wanting to give more and more to the employees and the staff. Ever sense the not elected council members have come on board for the Mayor . The vote is always 5 to zero . Marley saided some citys was getting 4 to 8 percent increase in raises. Let' marley tell us where these city are , are they the same size as ours , or have the little bussiness district , that we have . I moved here 45 years ago, I wanted a small town to live in . You the council and the staff at city Hall wants to live big , you get more crime, break - ins I want the small town , we had. i see that Miles said last year that the lower employees on the pole wasn't making enough money, But what happened Guess WHAT who's getting the big bucks, the upper crust. You citzens of basehor need to come to the council meetings. See what is going on in Basehor, it is our town, the new council members need to look at what the citzens want , Not what the Mayor or the staff wants. thank for your time

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Letter: Beware city pay increases

editor's note you said refer to the maximum possible wages to be paid , the mayor and the city adm. will pay the top wages increases to the top employees THEN WATCH OUR TAXES UP UP IN 2013 OR 2014 can you pay more taxes in the future . my taxes are high enough.

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Letter: Beware city pay increases

johninbasehor i do make over $14.00 a hour and i do my job the best i can .

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Letter: Beware city pay increases

mr. proud of our city you must be ed bush he is always saying cronies to the group of people of basehor. you want to do right for the city of basehor then run fot mayor next april, see if you can get the votes , i would't vote for you . you are with the mayor and city adm. good old boys . you better read the last basehor paper the wage increase for some could be $14.00 a hour increase or $29,000.00 a year . that will possible be the chief of police and the city adm. when we get a new one. why we have a surplus of $91,000.00 right we in the benefits fund is we are not paying benefits for a city adm. , that is where that is coming from . ask the city why we have that much in the fund. they use all of the benefits funds a year. sure the special mill levy now will stay the same but,will go up in 2013 . marley said in the paper that it would go up in 2013. marley forgot to mention that beside the 2 1/2 percent that the employees get they get a 3 percent this year DO YOU GET A 5 1/2 PERCENT INCREASE in wages people are not moving around from job to job . they are staying in the job they have . if the police officers are leaving there may be a problem with the higher up employees as the chief of police . thank for your time

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Miles becomes new Basehor City Council president

thank you dennis for coming to the meeting monday night, the health packet that was going to pass, had a cap on it from last year. that if insurance was going up the employees were going to pay some. i heard some bad words spoken from the front of the room. my opinion is the old council members david breuer, travis miles , and city clerk , cory and acting city admin. marley knew of the cap but thought no one would bring it up now that dennis mertz and iris dysart is out of the picture. YOU basehor people voted them out they were the ones triyng to hold down the cost for the people. the separate mill levy of 8.59 is a cap. the new budget they will start in july , you basehor people need to express concerns about this , or the separate mill levy will go up, you know what that means your TAXES will go up. when is the council members going to understand that the people of basehor wants to hold down the cost of spending. you new council members need to ask a lot of questions and look up things on your own . because city hall doesn't tell all. the information to you. i can't afford any more TAXES.

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New Basehor City Council member Ty Garver says he's looking forward

why are we having the retreat up at falcon lakes again. the basehor library is a good place to have the retreat nice and roomy and it doesn't cost a dime to the taxpayers of basehor. have it at the vfw hall you can look out at the streets of basehor . the chairs at these places fit my butt just as good as falcon lakes . the cost last year at falcon lake was $500.00 to $600.00 but the mayor want a nice place and good food. not a subway sandwich or pizza , cause it is not coming out of his pocket it is coming out of each and every one of our pockets. you people of basehor need to speak up and call the council members and speak your mind or things wiil get worse. and the chief is getting paid for being city administrator he may know the law but he doesn't know the policies then he has to ask the city attorney and she doesn't know , so she ask another attorney.which cost us more money . why do we have her as a city attorney she doesn't know much about city business . thank you for your time come to the retreat thursday may 3, 2012 at 9:30 am at falcon lake

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