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Former Basehor administrator Loughry suing city for more than $500,000

i would fight to stay out of the city limit. you see how the mayor and the city adm. spend our money the mayor set the agenda at the council meeting.

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Judge denies Basehor mayor's request to put recall election on hold

I am still waiting for the letter that the mayor said he planned to mail to all the registed voters that was in December of 2011. Basehor people are still waiting to the respond to recall allegations. Oct. 26, 2011 Is it OK to tell Basehor you make more , so you can get more of a salary raise. To misreprent your salary by previous employer. The former city attorney Patrick Reavey found out about the salary hike . Loughlry"s opposition to Reavrys legal opinions on the separate agreement between the city and former city Clerk Mary Mogle and annextion in Cedar Falls and Loughlrys contract to provide family health insurance. It is strange that mayor Hill wanted city attorney Patrick Reavey gone from office, HE FIRED HIM. hired another one that cost the city $4,000.00 a month . Patrick Reavey cost the city less than half the cost of what this new one is costing us. The council doesn,t appoint the city attorney, the mayor does YOUR MAYOR HILL He has never said WHY he fired Patrick Reavey . Come on mayor Hill tell us. the people of Basehor wants to know. you the people of Basehor have to decide, read all the articles in the papers, all the information that you can find and you decide , you want a mayor that makes decisions without the council members knowing . That is why we have council members they make the decisions , not the mayor

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New recall petition targets Basehor mayor; group alleges misuse of public funds

taxman you look at dennis own personal and business record i think you are telling a tail of lies you would have to show me the proof first before i would believe it as far as the city over paying council members there is 5 council members in basehor and did they get over payed at the same time if 2 got over payed the the rest of them got it too who ever is digging up this shall get facts straight before you print it

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New recall petition targets Basehor mayor; group alleges misuse of public funds

when did the city of basehor issue a car to the mayor hill that car is to be used by the city employees for errands that was told that one of the council meeting this year.

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New recall petition targets Basehor mayor; group alleges misuse of public funds

people shall get facts right fred and iris voted againt the no-where road it is a waste of money dennis is right about the #2 bid for enginner you don,t want someone for the first doing this road you want someone with experience how many people of falcon lakes have come to the meeting twice a month i have come twice a month from the beginng of jan. 2011 to now i know the facts i can see and hear and of of the things that you are saiding are not correct there was discission breuer saided it was a seriou action and asked for discussion mertz referred to a pocket information dennis ask the city attorney if they should have a executive session the council went in for excutive session for 15 minutes then came back and make a decision to remove the city admininistrator this monday night november 21, 2011 is council meeting at 7:00 come and see

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Mertz, Dysart deny recall group's accusations

council members each make $ 200.00 amonth before taxes are taken out.

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Effort under way to recall Basehor City Council members

the mayor gets to select the city attorney. have you seen the letter that patrick reavey former attorney wrote it says that mark did not repect his legal opinions and he prefers to inappropriately take actions without following proper protocol. i'm just writing what i see and hear from council meeting maybe you can come to some of the meeting and found out for your self instead of getting one side of the story there is always 2 sides to a story

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Effort under way to recall Basehor City Council members

iris and dennis are doing thier jobs on the city council keep up the good work . people talk about this paper that the former city attorney patrick reavey wrote he was doing his job mayor hill didn,t want the people to see this letter from patrick reavey is that why he wanted to change city attorney this may 2011 because something is going to come out of this ,what is going on at city hall i want to keep iris and dennis we don,t need anymore relative on the city council board we have 3 now terry, travis, david we don,t need anymore good old boys on the city council terry what was your reason to get a new city attorney

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