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State Democrats respond to Kobach’s Obama joke

Oh yes, and I was born in 1961 along w/Obama- I had NO Problem getting a copy of my actual (handwritten- because no computers back then) birth certificate. Why has Obama spent over $1 million in lawyers hiding his? You tell me.

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State Democrats respond to Kobach’s Obama joke

I'm for Kobach- even Saturday Night Live is too scared to make a joke about the guy... It was a good joke too, thanks Kobach.

I have another joke- did you see the ACTUAL footage of Obama throwing out the first pitch at the White Sox game(unedited by our mainstream media and the almighty)? He threw like a girl (no offense to girls) and it made it only 1/2 way to the plate. You may never see the actual footage, because our scary one-sided media (Obots) won't let you see anything negative about Obama.

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Do you think President Barack Obama's nominee Sonia Sotomayor is a good candidate for the U.S. Supreme Court?

Are you kidding? I'm a wise African American and I think that I would make more superior judgements than she. Oh wait a minute, maybe I'm a different race, maybe I'm green, maybe I'm Portuguese... WHO CARES!

Lady Justice is BLINDFOLDED FOR A REASON- look it up.

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What would be your biggest concern about a government-run healthcare program?

US government has not run anything well except :: defense, fire, police, and many educational institutions (but not all).

If Obama shows us that gov't can run Medicare, THEN try big UShealth.... right now though, Medicare is bankrupt!! WHY put more of our hard earned money into a USA-run health system that can't fails EVERYtime???

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