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Horses pulling up lame at auction

US Horse Meat is Unsafe for Human Consumption

American horses are not regulated or medicated as food animals. About 70% of horse medications are either illegal to be consumed by humans or have not been tested for human consumption.

Are the illegal substances found in US slaughter horses?
Yes. According to the USDA's Red Book, of the 66,183 horses slaughtered in 2004, 6.6% (4,268.08) horses were in violation for "bute" and 13.3% (8,802.34) were in violation of Penicillin. Of the 94,037 horses slaughtered in 2005, 11.1% (10,344.07) horses were in violation for "bute" and 25% (23,509.25) were in violation of Penicillin. Only small samples of 15 horses and 8 horses, respectively, were even tested. You can bet the other horses that were not tested got the USDA stamp of approval and were sent overseas, even though it is clearly illegal according to our own food laws and the laws of the European Union.

What are the alternatives? 1) you can ban the 70% of currently legal medications that horses receive to be in compliance, which would jeopardize the health of the 99% of 9 million US horses that are not slaughtered, 2) you can implement a costly 'passport' system like Great Britain (a country also greatly opposed to horse slaughter) had to implement in 2004 for ALL UK horses to track the medications that horses receive throughout their lifetimes, or 3) you can stop the slaughter of the 1% of US horses for human consumption.

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Horses pulling up lame at auction

Ok, let me see if I have this right ... the market is "flooded with worthless, unregistered horses"; a very difficult economy where people are losing their jobs and homes; hay, grain, bedding and fuel prices are at all time highs -- and what you blame is the 'lack of slaughter' for the low sale prices of horses at auctions? If slaughter of our US horses had actually ended, you might have a leg to stand on, but since it not only has not ended, but US horses will likely be slaughtered in record number this year (well over 100k) in Canada and Mexico, your "chief reason" is completely without basis.

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