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Basehor mayor denies request for special council meeting before recalls take effect

If you think he is doing such a bad job, Why don't you put yourself in the running and see how that turns out.

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Basehor mayor denies request for special council meeting before recalls take effect

Oh, another thing: WELCOME ORCHELINS! The city did great things bringing a new store to Basehor. The city is growing whether you like the direction it is going or not. Time to focus on the positive. This circus has been more negative, pointing out faults, instead of the promising future we could have. We never point out the GOOD things the council did, only the negative. Well, as yourself something, what have YOU done for the city? Did you volunteer to help? Have you gone to the VFW, the Fire Department, the Police Department? Have you tried to help do anything for your city other than complain about how they aren't doing anything for you?

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Basehor mayor denies request for special council meeting before recalls take effect

First off, I have been watching this circus since the start. I'm fairly annoyed at the majority of people jumping on the political bandwagon and hating Mr. Fred Box. If you have known Box before the council, he is a stand up man. Hardworking all of his life, good hearted, smart and strong willed. He has a solid opinion of things, but does not let his own agenda, as you say, get in the way. Fred in no way needs the money from this, does not need tax breaks, special roads, has no business in Basehor profiting from his workings in the council. Box simply wants to see Basehor grow. Box supports growth, supports the police, supports the fire department, churches, charity organizations. Box has been a working member of the VFW in Basehor for MANY MANY years, helping children, veterens, troubled youth, by sharing his stories of his trials and tribulations. It would take a very VERY brave man to say a bad work about Fred Box without looking at their OWN mistakes and their OWN misjudgements and actually say "Hey, I've made some mistakes and someone gave me a chance." But you know, being on the council really puts you in a position to be scrutinized by people you once trusted. People you once loved and adored I suppose will turn their backs on you and trash you on the internet. I feel that if you have something you need to say about Fred, or heck, anyone, you need to go to their office, sit down and speak with them personally. I know for a fact, Fred will sit with you and explain his decisions.

Let this stuff go, give Box a chance to pull us out of the gutter. Fred has always done me right, always given his whole heart to me and my family. Fred has gone out of his way several times for people, I have witnessed this first hand. Fred never asks a thing in return. Fred has a heart and that is what this city needs, a heart and an ear and Fred will listen to all sides before making a decision. Fred does not have any "Cronies" as you put it. If anyone should take the spots on the council, bring the guy from Cedar Lakes back. Bring some people in who don't have a personal agenda. I know everyone does, but hey, at least you can try? I know Iris didn't support alot of things that would have been good for the city, but she went with what she thought was best. When they reported that in the news three or so years ago, you didn't publically scrutinize every bad decision she made? Why start now? Lets let it go. Grow up, and move on.

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Basehor council members deny recall accusations at town-hall meeting

I can almost guarentee there was absolutely NO discrimination to the "former police officer"

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Mayor cries foul over 'wasteful spending' accusations

Oh, and no, I did not. I just pay taxes here. I was only stating, the money used for this political BS could be better spent on something for the kids.

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Mayor cries foul over 'wasteful spending' accusations

I'm not slamming the student, merely the "no child left behind". It clearly doesn't work. They leave them all behind. Hell, one student didn't even know what a TAXIDERMIST was. It's bad.

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Mayor cries foul over 'wasteful spending' accusations

I don't work for the City. I DO however receive a lot of mail here. . .

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Mayor cries foul over 'wasteful spending' accusations

You know what I think we should all meet up and do with all the fliers??

Well, let me tell you. . .

I say we take them, Fold them into little oragami penguins and create a penguin army and line the streets with our paper penguin army and give them little picket signs that read "Stop wasting paper".

On a lighter note, This is REALLY a good time killer at work. . . Anyone notice the nice waste of money to create the ad to the right -------------------------------over there>>>>

I bet they could have found something more productive to do with that money. . . Donate it to the Animal shelter maybe?? Keep up with our stray cat problem? The leavenworth Spay and Nueter program? At least use the money for something that is going to make a LONG term difference. . . People are going to keep whoever they want, your ad isn't going to change the minds of the citizens.

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Mayor cries foul over 'wasteful spending' accusations

Does anyone else feel like we are all in JR. High again???

This is rediculous.

And by the way, I'm REALLY sick of my PO BOX being filled with useless petition/recall letters and so forth. Donate your money to the school district and use it to teach the Basehor Youth some literacy. I have seen their Facebooks, and they can not form a paragraph without mispellings and horrible use of the English language. I think Basehor has bigger fish to fry other than this nonsense.

The signs all over town, the rediculous "he said, she said" comments. It's grow up time?? Maybe??

If you don't like Dennis, or Iris, or Box, WHY DIDN'T YOU VOTE!?! I know for a FACT less than 35% of the city voted at the last election. Dennis became President because of the lack of political interest from any other party to step up and do so. That is also why he was on the city council! He was pretty much UN contested by another party.

If you have problems with the city government, you can only blame yourself for not voting. Register. . . Vote. . . or sit down and watch the downward spiral. For those of you that DID vote, this is NOT directed at you, obviously. I find it mildly entertaining that the voting turnout was SOOOO low the last few years and now this is all happening. This is what happens when you let "Fisherman play Doctors" so to speak. I am just blessed that I am not a perm. resident, I think this is rediculous what the politicians and the citizens are making the city out to be. I feel bad for the Chief. . . Bless your heart.

Anyone agree??

Hugs n Kisses

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