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Questions and answers on Feb. 28 Basehor recall election

My name is Marilyn Townsend, and I am one of the petitioners seeking Mayor Terry Hill's recall. I have never tweeted or blogged, and I'm hesitant to do so now, but I do not like reading such vitriol on line. This kind of rhetoric does not solve problems. Judging from all of the comments made thus far, there will probably be repercussions from those who choose not to put their names on their writing. It is so easy to say things when we can remain anonymous. I fervently hope, that whatever the outcome of this election, this town is able to move forward in a positive direction. We moved back to Kansas three years ago to care for aging parents, and it is incredulous to me that I find myself involved in such controversy. I care about how my hard-earned money is spent, and I do not think the taxpayers' money is being spent wisely. If you haven't attended a council meeting, it behooves you to find out for yourself how this city is being run. The city of Basehor is flush with tax money, and we should not have the debt that we have. I have scrutinized the budget, and I attended the budget hearings last year. I really think a professional could make the city budget simple for a layperson to understand. After working with Citizens for Responsible Governing, I have discovered that too many residents in this town do not use their voice when it comes to how their tax dollars are spent. I know there will always be disagreement, but there has to be open and honest discussion of the issues without using words that are hurtful and unproductive or behavior that mimics a three-year-old. I hope our group, Citizens for Responsible Governing, has opened and will continue to open residents' eyes. Everyone has a civic duty to become involved all of the time, not just when a particular issue affects them . This election also gives the American government teachers at the high school a “teachable moment.” Our constitution guarantees our right to free speech; however, there is no freedom without responsibility. I care about where I live and the people who live here. Our group will continue to monitor city affairs and exercise our right to free speech. Please exercise your right as a citizen and vote on February 28. Be sure to take your ID with you. Yours for a better Basehor. Marilyn Townsend

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